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house munching


We had some excitement this morning watching a house being torn down. It’s not every day houses get munched with giant tractor jaw monsters… unless you live in our neighborhood and then it’s every other day. It was kinda fun being up close and personal. I apologize for the bad filming technique, I was holding the baby in the other arm and well… I’m just not that great at filming.

If you liked this movie, you might like this one too (8.4mb quicktime)


  • kelly

    HI! i found you through Angella and her quest to go to blogHER. Hope you mind me peeking in here. My son loved the video and beagn chanting “move that bus!” ha.

  • Tina

    Oh…my boys would have LOVED that. They were thrilled the day men came to fix the well and brought a mini-digger. And we have to slow down by all construction sites we drive by. I’ll be showing them your video when they wake up from naps.

  • Neil

    Baby Bug: (translated from baby language): “I love this! I can’t wait to play this game in the living room and destroy all of Mommy’s things!”

    SAJ says: so true, Neil, so true…. Kinda like how Toby drives after he watches a car race.

  • BeachMama

    J would have just loved that so much. He gets a hoot out of the mini machines in our neighbourhood that work on building patios and pools, to see a whole house come down would just be a riot.

    Why do so many houses come down in your neighbourhood?

    SAJ says: I think people tear down houses so much here because property is so valuable. The closer you get to the beach the more money people have and bigger budgets they have to build their dream house. Unfortunately, this means that your dream house might be RIGHT next to somebody else building their house. Not very dreamy. There’s always at least one house under construction on every street. We wake up to the sounds of trucks backing up regularly. When we grow up, we’re going to move to the middle of no where. But I can’t complain too hard… the beach is just right there.

  • aimee/greeblemonkey

    There is a neighborhood below us that has been going through that over the past 10 years. The land is more valuable than the houses (that have, sadly, not been kept up)… so he have watched a lot of munching lately too!

    But Declan still LOVED watching your video!!!

  • Erin

    “It’s not every day houses get munched with giant tractor jaw monsters…”

    unless, you know, if you live in the West Bank. But there it’s probably not so much fun to observe.

  • Liane

    This is exactly like our neighborhood as well although we don’t usually catch the actual munching…it’s more like, ‘Oh, where did that house go, it was there yesterday?’ Sadly, my boys are not all that excited about all the big vehicles anymore since they see it so much.

  • BeachMama

    I never thought about the land value I guess. When I think of the beach I think of cute houses like the one you coveted last year. Hubby always says he wants to live out in the sticks too, but I’m not quite ready yet. I would put up with the trucks to be that close to the beach for sure :).