Spring Break Day 5: The Flower Fields!

Sometimes I wonder if I live to blog or if I blog to live. Sometimes I go places because I know they will be a great blog post. The Carlsbad Flower Fields are definitely one of those places. During Ranuncula season you can’t go wrong visiting the Flower Fields. it doesn’t matter where you point your camera, you’re bound to come back with beautiful pictures that could be postcards to put up on your fridge.

What I didn’t know was that there were so many fun things for kids to do at the Flower Fields. Armstrong Gardens definitely goes out of their way to make the whole experience kid friendly. This is a very good thing for me considering when I told Rapunzel we were going to the flower fields she said, “How Boooor-ring!”

I’m so glad she was wrong. I was kind of worried since the Getty didn’t win her over as much as I’d hoped. I would even wager that the flower fields were probably Rapunzel’s favorite thing that we did during her spring break. That says a lot considering that she’d be happy as a clam if we just went to the beach every day.

As you can see from the pictures, Whoorl came with us. That was fun. We had buggaboo races down the dusty dirt paths and guess what…. Rapunzel got Whoorl to stay and have lunch with us and eat a CHEESEBURGER!!! I know! What can I say, Rapunzel is a charmer.

After Whoorl went home, we went back to the fields and Rapunzel ran all over the grounds getting her “passport” stamped with different destination stamps (IE: lookout point, the rose garden, the sweet pea maze—which was really fun by the way, etc etc…). When you fill up your passport with eight stamps, you get a coupon for a dollar off (the regular price of $2) to mine gems at their little mining company.

Even though the mining is completely fake and they plant the polished gem stones in your bucket of sand, it was a real hoot for Rapunzel. She couldn’t believe her luck when she sifted the sand in the water and ten pretty polished rocks showed up in the grate. When we got home she counted and recounted her gemstones over and over telling me carefully who she was going to give the green one to and the pink one to and which ones were her favorite favorite. It was totally worth the dollar we paid.

The whole trip was worth it. I would definitely recommend it.