crusty forever

Okay, disposable flooring is a bad idea… I just need my own personal cleaning fairy. Or a dog.


  • jeanetta darley

    carpet really is of the devil. i wish i had any other flooring that could be wiped clean. there are days where i feel on the verge of just taking the box cutter and start ripping it out. but of course hubby would come home and that would be an awful scene. me there with shreds of carpeting and a utility knife. i can here him dialing the the white coats. lol

  • gorillabuns

    is there really such a thing as disposable flooring?

    my husband and i pulled up the carpet this evening in our living room. you don’t want to know what creepy organisms were hiding from us.

    hopefully, if the stars are aligned just right and i say a few hail mary’s, we’ll have new pergo this weekend.

    that is if my husband and i don’t kill each other in the process.

  • BeachMama

    I was laughing at this because even though I have dogs and they keep the food and crumbs at bay, they also bring in grass, mud, water from outside, so it is a never ending cycle. Just like my last sentence ;).

  • bluejaye

    We moved into a house with white carpet when the were babies. D-u-m-b.
    I’m afraid to find out what is under there. I’m sure we will need masks.
    You must be very brave to under take such a big task, gorillabuns. I admire you for that.