Cameras Should Be Black

Everybody knows that Toby is a fancy schmancy photographer, right? So it’s fitting that I should buy* Baby Bug a toy camera. But when I brought this little blue gigham number home and showed it to Toby, he said that Baby Bug wouldn’t like it because it wasn’t black like Daddy’s.

So I did what I do with anything I don’t like the color of. I pulled out the Sharpie and started coloring.

But the cool part of this story is that while I was coloring (with the foul smelling marker and playing many many trick-the-baby games to keep her from my foul smelling marker), Toby made this really cool movie of us. (3.5 megs, quicktime. It’s a whopper but really good quality. You Tube version here.)

He’s such a super dad.

*This purchase was made way before the new “screwing-down-the-screws budget” we have recently adopted. No more silly stuffed toys will be bought for a very long time.