A Spring Break-ette for SuperChic

It only seemed fair that SuperChic would get to come visit Auntie and Baby Bug and (most importantly) the beach after her big sister got to spend a whole week with us. She didn’t get to stay as long but we still managed to fit in a lot of niece-com-poop fun.

The great thing about living at the beach is that you don’t have to plan a whole day outing every time you want to go take in a sunset view or a quick splash in the waves. In fact, some of my favorite trips to the beach are quick little hour visits. On Thursday we fit in a quick twilight visit and then the next day we had take out burritos from Chronic Tacos and watched the sailboats go by in the Newport to Ensenada sail boat race. That was pretty neat.

Toby had the best view of the race. He got to watch it from a helicopter. (A perk of being a beach front real estate photographer.) He said it wasn’t as exciting as he thought it might be. I guess watching sailboats from the air doesn’t really capture the mad dash action of it all. I thought riding on a sailboat to Ensenada, Mexico would just be one long party cruise with margaritas and salty chips. Toby said it was anything but. The whole trip takes 18-24 hours and it is quite strenuous. The sailboat crew really have to work, getting the sails across the boat from here to there, to catch the wind without chopping somebody’s head off. Shows you how much I know about sail boating. The last time I was on a sail boat, I was twelve. I spent the entire time jumping off into the ocean and riding around in thelittle dingy boat. Oh, and also screaming every time I felt something touch my toe because I thought it was a shark.

But enough about that. The race was very pretty. There is nothing like a bunch of little white fluttery triangles floating along the horizon. I didn’t get any good shots because I had my spy cam that has no zoom and I was too busy taking pictures of the kids and eating my burrito. Excuses, excuses…

Auntie CC also brought some finger paints and the kids had fun with that.