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11 month movie!

Here’s a little Christmas diddy for the eleven month movie. (1.41MB quicktime) It’s not much. Just a little happy baby cheer to get in the holiday mood and to satisfy my self-inflicted requirement for a movie a month. I know, the ten month movie was almost yesterday, what new could she possibly be doing? I guess you’ll have to see.

I wish I would have caught all of her new words in the movie. She says kkkkkkitty, bwoof bwoof, quack quack, uh-oh, daaaadaaaa and mammmaaa now. Pretty good I think. I only caught the kkkkity and quack quack. She’s smart in her quacking. At the Walmart photo studio, there was a rubber duck taped to the camera and she shouted out “quack quack” long before I even spotted it. I love it when she surprises me like that.

Who knows what she’ll do next.