Beach Bits,  Bug,  Tis the Season

Just another day at the beach…

I almost hate posting these pictures because I just know there’s somebody in Idaho reading this who had to scrape five inches of ice off their windshield in the morning and they work in a cubicle with no windows, five feet from the bathroom that flushes loudly and stinks and they’re hating me for living at the beach and living the life of luxury. Wait that was me a few years ago, sans the ice and Idaho of course.

Anyway, yes I admit it. My life is awesome. So much better than that cubicle by the bathroom. I wish I could go back to myself then and tell the much younger me that it’s all going to work out. I’m trying to appreciate this life now and not be too much of an idiot and take it for granted. I know any day I could be stricken with cancer and the whole snowball of debt could roll over me and send me back to square one. Or maybe I’m at square one now and things are only going to get better. I don’t know what tomorrow brings. I do know that it sure is nice coming from lowly beginnings. While people around me fret about the real estate market and how they can’t afford this and that, I’m just happy that I can go to the beach every day. If I never ever become more successful than I am today, it will still be a better than I ever expected.

I hope I haven’t pissed anybody off with this thinking. I just don’t have much to say today. I’m about to leave town for a few days to attend a bible conference and see about a bazillion relatives that I haven’t seen in twenty-some years. They may or may not have wi-fi at the hotel. I’ll take my computer with me but I’m not promising any posts. So in the meantime, don’t hate me too much for living at the beach and have a really really happy holiday!


  • CanadianProgrammer

    If I remember correctly, they do have wifi at the hotel.. or at least an old fashioned ethernet cable you can plug into (imagine.. an actual cable. how quaint).

    However… it appears to have transformed from a Hilton to a Marriot since I’ve been there last, so who knows what other changes might have happened at the same time.

    ‘See you in a couple days,

  • Momo

    I wish you could convince me that it’s all going to work out! For sure…
    I am so stressed out that I will not cope with all the pressures around me…I am afflicted with a chronic inability to make up my mind too!

  • kristin

    don’t feel bad! it’s so nice to see someone who is really grateful for their place in life… it’s so easy to be discontent, so it’s always nice to hear a fresh perspective… i’m sure the beach helps though!!! :)

  • Gretchen

    “I’m just happy that I can go to the beach every day”

    How could I hate you? I’m just glad you’re sharing the pictures; I’d be happy to go to the beach every day too.

    FWIW, I did slip on the ice this morning and will have a nice shiner on my left hip…

  • Steph

    I could never hate you…..but I would love to be sitting on the beach with you playing with baby bug!!! My kiddos could be making huge sand castels, someone would bring us a drink, we would get a hint of tan on our faces…..that would be great!!! Especially cause here in Nor Cal it’s about 32 derees out!!!

    Have fun at the conference!!!

  • bethany

    We don’t hate you because you’re beachy, SAJ. :-) When we lived in San Diego at the beginning of our marriage, we decided to roll with it and instead of missing snow on Christmas, we worshipped at church, went home and opened presents, and then went to the beach for a cookout. We don’t live in San Diego anymore but I still kind of miss the cookouts.

    Enjoy the Bible conference and the relatives! Merry Christmas!

  • Angella

    I would be at the beach every day if I could…the snow prevents it. I’m there every day in the summer though. If you’ve been blessed enough to have a beach nearby, you should enjoy it every day that you can :)

    Have safe travels & a Merry Christmas!

  • Isabella's mom

    On the contrary, it’s lovely to see someone who is so truly blessed and realizes it and doesn’t waste her time or energy longing for things that truly don’t matter. Enjoy your baby and your beach and your life – It is all a gift from God.

  • Saple

    OKay Okay I am freaked out right now because that one picture of you laying in the sun looks just like me, in fact my coworker just walked by and agreed with me.. You look nothing like me…

    I love seeing the warm weather on your blog. and now I can pretend its me laying on the beach….

  • AngelaM

    Delurking to say that I think your post today is right on. You hit the nail on the head when you said

    “Or maybe I’m at square one now and things are only going
    to get better. I don’t know what tomorrow brings.”

    This is something I try to remind myself when I think that things are bad. I love your blog. The pictures of baby bug are always adorable (she is of course adorable just in herself, but you take great pictures too), and I like seeing your creativity and inspiration in your posts. Thanks, and Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  • BeachMama

    Goodness, you are so entitled to enjoy the life that you have. You have a way of expressing things that a lot of us think about. Just like the quote AngelaM mentioned above, we never know where we are in life so we should be enjoying every moment. If only we could all enjoy the beach with you :).

    That being said we are having a very non-Canadian Christmas and my nephew who arrived this morning from a very cold and snowy Saskatchewan asked if we could go swimming. We all laughed so hard, to him it was still summer here with all our green grass and warm sunshine. So I am thankful that we do not have to scrape the cars this winter, and I could get used to a winter like this one, very easily.

    Enjoy the conference! Merry Christmas

  • Abbey

    You know I get that guilt from people, too, sometimes. We live within walking distance to the beach and it’s usually nice here in California (as you know!)…and my family lives in Kentucky where the weather is always changing. They always feel “really sorry” for me when I complain about how warm it gets during the winter. : )

    I agree with you on enjoying life and being so thankful for what you have right now. I also agree that if it gets better than I have it right now, I won’t be able to believe how lucky I am. I understand how you feel…no bragging…just happy with your life. And THAT is how is SHOULD be!!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

  • Irish Mistery

    Cheers to a wonderful Christmas and New Year with your beautiful family…it’s one thing to go to the beach…it’s a whole other thing to take the time to appreciate that you can and that you are exactly where you want to be…good for you!

  • nila

    I love your beach pictures. Thanks for sharing. I’m in the desert, so I’m not too envious but I will say that you are so lucky to spend your day in such beautiful weather with such a beautiful girl.

  • Lucia

    Hey, you deserve a wonderful life! And it’s an art to appreciate life as it is *now*. Good on you for doing just that. Enjoy Christmas and thanks for such wonderful blog posts this year. I hope 2007 is a great one for you and your family. xx

  • Ninotchka

    “If I never ever become more successful than I am today, it will still be a better than I ever expected.”

    What a beautiful sentiment.

    Anyone who could be pissed off at that wouldn’t be worth a second of your time. I simply can’t imagine that anyone would be, though! This is what we should all aspire to. I work on that very thing every day and I’m happy to report that I am mostly very successful.

    (Totally get the “lowly” beginnings thing. :::wink:::)