• Bug,  Tis the Season

    Baby Bug’s First Christmas

    Today was the day: Baby Bug’s first Christmas. I’ve been looking forward to this day all year. I’m not sure what I expected it to be but it turned out to be pretty low key. I can’t complain, both Baby Bug and I came down with a cold. The last thing either of us felt like doing today was making it a big deal.

    We were supposed to have a fancy dinner with Toby’s mom and brother but they ended up in the hospital. Nothing serious. Toby’s mom was is in for the regular reasons and his brother just broke or sprained his foot and had to go to the emergency room. I’m sad for them but I’m glad I didn’t have to cook ham dinner. Usually I like making dinner but today, I didn’t feel like doing squat.

    It was really fun watching Baby Bug open her presents though. She just barely understands the concept of ripping paper to see what’s inside. Sometimes she gets distracted by the paper and forgets to look for the toy inside. But she seemed pretty excited about her gifts. She’s so much fun these days. I can’t wait until her birthday, I know it’s only going to get better.