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Get Well Soon Grandpa

My Grandpa is in the hospital recovering from surgery (I can’t really go into details because he’s private about these things… but it was a pretty serious surgery). He’s recovering now but in quite a bit of pain. My Mom and Baby Bug and I went to visit him this afternoon just as the sun was setting. For some reason when the day’s end rays of light were shining through the window, it seemed really peaceful and beautiful to me so I took some pictures.

I don’t know if my grandfather would like pictures of himself in the hospital on the internet but thankfully he doesn’t really pay much attention to my blog. He has dial up internet and my webpage isn’t exactly designed for slow connections. I doubt he’ll ever see this. I’m thinking my extended family, who can’t make it down to visit him, will appreciate seeing him so peaceful. His eyes are closed because my Mom was reading the bible to him. Listening to the words made him feel better.

There is nothing like watching an old man appreciate the scriptures. They mean so much more to him than they do to me. Watching him made me want to have more faith. When you get old and everything hurts… these are the things that comfort you. Painkillers just don’t cut it all the time.

Anyway, he’s getting better and I’m sure he’ll be back to his old spry self in no time.