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For lack of anything else to post, we have tongue. Today is one of those rambly no particular subject days.

Isn’t it funny how now that everybody knows about blogs you’ll get people in your every day life, like family members, telling you what you should blog about? Toby does this to me all the time. It’s so weird. Half the time what he wants me to blog about I don’t want to blog about at all. But I guess to each their own. I wish Toby had a blog. It would be great to hear his side of the story.

Remember back in the day when you might casually mention that you have a website and you update daily and people would look at you funny? Like how self centered are you that you think people will actually want to read about your day. Remember when you had to explain that “blog” was slang for “web log”? And then there was a while when people thought I was really into chat rooms or something. I hated that phase of the blog learning curve. (Even though there was a short month where I was really into chat rooms) Chat rooms, ew.

So anyway, times are a changing. Blogs on the news, blogs on the radio, blogs on billboards. It’s a blog happy world. Why did I come here to talk about that? I have no idea.

I think it was because Toby wanted me to blog about how he got on the Oprah show today. Actually I wanted to blog about that too. It’s not every day that your science-and-history-channel-only husband will call you in from the other room to watch Oprah. You see, Toby is an architectural photographer. He mostly shoots zillion dollar homes for the real estate industry. One of those zillion dollar homes got on Oprah today. We call it the “portabella” because it looks like a mushroom. We were hoping they might use some of his shots on the show but they didn’t. It was all live video. They did show his old boss talking about the house quite a bit. Toby’s photos are on her webpage though. They’ll probably be down by the time you read this so here’s a screen shot. That was pretty cool.

In other news, Baby Bug is starting to “talk” (sort of). I should save this for her ten month post but she’ll probably be doing something even more interesting by then. (Or maybe I just don’t to wait until Friday to share.) So far she knows how to bark like a dog. Whenever we see a dog (which is quite a lot on our walks to the park), she’ll say, “Bwuffff Bwfff Bwufff”. It’s really cute. She’ll even do it on command. Well sometimes. But enough that I know she means “dog” instead of just making random sounds to hear herself. She also meows at the cats and sometimes says “kkkkkkkkkk”. I think she means “kitty” but I’m not sure. One day I said “Hiiii-iiiii” like I do in my silly two syllable mommy-speak and she said “hiiiii” back to me. I haven’t been able to get her to do it again so I don’t think I can count it as a word. She still refuses to say anything with the letter “m” so I think “mama” is a long ways off. But that’s okay. I know she loves me.

And I think I’ll just cut this rambly post off here. Just like that.


  • Sara

    My daughter’s first word was kitty cat and it sounded just like Bug’s kkkk. Cute. I love those first words! Just wait for the first sentences! I’m still shocked, and it’s been months.

  • margalit

    I saw that Oprah thing with that 75 million dollar house. Can I say…ewwww. I didn’t think that house was even moderately attractive, just weird looking. The site, to die for. The kitchen was interesting. The basement…what the F. A jewelery store in your basement? That’s plain weird. I did think the theatre was great though. I’d love one of those in my house.

    Of course the big question is, who owns that little piece of heaven? Even Oprah was dying to know.

  • josephine

    Thank you Tbone… and same to you!

    Margalit: Even we don’t know who the owner is…they’re never home. We do know their other home is in Seattle, maybe that narrows it down a little.

  • Felix

    Baby Felix says ‘hi’ a lot and ‘bye’ occasionally. She’s said ‘dcky’ a few times (she loves her rubber ducky) but the cutest new thing is giving kisses (wet, messy kisses). Still no Kitty Cat – and I’ve been trying to teach her that one for a long time.
    Who the hell needs a $75 home?!? Way to excessive if you ask me. Now, a $6-$10 million home would be nice :)

  • Sarah

    I have been a lurker for quite some time and your link to Toby’s photographs has drawn me out! They are amazing! He is very talented (as you know!) I felt as though I was standing in those living rooms. My favorite is the night shot over the water with the stars – took my breath away.

    I enjoy all your stories of baby bug. She is adorable and if I ever saw you in person would have to try really hard not to scoop her up and give her the biggest squeeze. Of course you would think I was some crazed lunatic, I find that to be such an odd aspect of blogs. I know all about you and you no nothing of me. I have kept diaries for years and am inspired be reading others to blog…but OMG what if you don’t like what I say?? LOL I may not be able to handle the comments.

    Thanks Brenda for sharing

  • Audrey

    Sounds like Baby Bug is a girl after my own heart — my first word was “kitty” (more like keekee), as I was obsesssed with our very patient cat.

  • Marilyn

    That’s awesome about Toby’s photos making Oprah! :) Can hardly believe baby’s 10 months old already…seems like just the other day that a certain young woman was all dreamy-eyed over Paris…