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a jaunty walk

Ferndale is kind of like home because you can walk the whole town and never feel lost or scared. Baby Bug and I walked up and down just about every street. We looked at trees and streams and even the town cemetary. We marveled at how moss grows on everything. When we got bored of that, we ventured out of town (three blocks over) and looked at some cows and a horse.

Baby Bug has never seen a cow or a horse before. We read about them in her books all the time. I point at the cow and say “mooooooo” and sometimes she says “ooooooouuuu” back at me. (She’s boycotting the letter “m”.) Seeing a real cow in the flesh was pretty exciting. Seeing a horse was even more exciting. Especially since the horse sauntered over to us as soon as he saw us paying attention to him by the fence.

I hate to admit it but I’m a city girl and this great big horsey thing that has giant teeth and blows snotty air at me is pretty frightening. I know horses are friendly and I could probably feed it some grass or pet it’s soft mane but I found myself backing up. I mean, what if it bit me or even worse jumped over the fence and kicked me! Horses can smell fear can’t they?

Baby Bug wasn’t afraid at all. She thought the horse was a dog so she barked at it.

Silly Bug.


  • love squalor

    beautiful pictures!! i’ve been reading your site for a few weeks now and decided it was about time i say hello. your baby is beautiful and your words and humor always lighten my day – it’s so fun to follow another person’s mother-experience, so thank you for sharing here. so happy to have found your corner of the web.

  • Adele

    Your horsey friend looks “harmless”- as long as it’s ears weren’t pinned back and the whites of it’s eyes weren’t showing, your friend looks like it liked you! Your pics were especially gorgeous today! Thanks for sharing your vacation!

  • Marissa

    Yes, that does look like a friendly horse. One thing I like to do is let them smell my head (or my hat if I’m wearing one). They like to sniff you; also bowing your head down shows them that you’re not agressive. But you have the mommy instincts to listen to!

  • beapea7

    Hiya! I read your blog a lot because you are a great writer and it is a fun read and has beautiful pictures. I live in Arcata and work in Fortuna so I was all excited to pictures of local sites! How fun that you are staying at the Victorian Inn. I’m going to Ferndale tommorrow night for hospitality night, but if I see you I’ll probably be too wimpy to go and say hi : ) So hi from afar!

  • Saple

    I wish you were in ferndale, michigan ( right outside of Detroit ( hey its not that bad here) ) It was 70 degrees here yesterday but 30 today… Well it is Michigan

  • Amyin BC

    Are you in Ferndale WA? After looking at your delightful pictures I think I must visit if I am correct. Sounds like my kind of town :)

  • Abbey

    I MUST LIVE IN FERNDALE!! It looks just like the kind of place I could see myself living FOREVER!! MUST MOVE!!! : )

    Great Pics!

    PS If you really want to see some beautiful horses…you should take a trip to Kentucky. Amazing horses and farms! I love it there…I think we’re going to move back soon…Soon? Who knows what soon is. : )

  • BeachMama

    Gorgeous photos! Ferndale looks like a wonderful town to hang out in and relax. I loved the photo of the rusty gate and the beautiful houses. Cool. How much longer are you guys staying up there?

  • Jamie

    I love your photos. Ferndale is so quaint and peaceful looking!

    I think it’s adorable that Bug barked at the horse! ;)

    I like the holiday look on your blog banner…really festive!