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bye bye from Baby Bug

Goodbye Grandpa and your scraggly whiskers, thank you for cooking delicious gourmet dinners for my mom and dad and me almost every day. Goodbye Grandma, thank you the macaroni and cheese from scratch and the blue chair that I love so much. Goodbye doggies (woof bwoof!). Goodbye Auntie BizBeth and Uncle Jason and Emster. I’m sorry that I wanted to play with all your toys and I haven’t learned how to share yet. Goodbye Auntie Trin, thankyou for the fuzzy pajamas. Goodbye Uncle Ant, thanks for the yummy steak. Goodbye Auntie K aund Uncle K and Cousin Poopsie and Vivi, I can’t wait to play with you when I’m bigger. I want to splash in puddles too. Goodbye Christina, thank you for letting us play in your hotel breakfast room while we waited for Daddy to wake up. Goodbye horsies and cows! Goodbye pretty sunsets!


Baby Bug

p.s. We said goodbye earilier but goodbye Auntie JP and Uncle B and my two big cousins who are SO FUN to play with!


  • BeachMama

    I love how Baby Bug always looks like she is having so much fun. I am sure you plan it that way, not posting the crying photos ;). Glad you had a great time up North, have a safe trip home.

  • josephine

    She didn’t eat a lemon but she did eat some spicy sausage… but I think she was just fooling around with that face. She has a rubber face.

    Dad, are you talking about the barn picture? I think that’s a plane flying over… but if you’re referring to the gradient in nearly all the sky shots, that’s just the dithering that I have to do to the pictures so I can animate them into a slide show… kinda like squishing the pixels to save space sortof…I think. I’m not sure. I just know that’s how Toby taught me to do it.