not kidding

You guys weren’t joking when you said everything changes once they get mobile. She’s not crawling yet but she is wiggling everywhere! It’s all I can do to keep her from wiggling right out of my arms and into various dangerous situations. So no blog posting until I get things fixed up around here.

Gotta run! She’s after the cats!


  • motherbumper

    ah yes.. the scooching leads to crawling and then your bookshelves become the enemy. Re: the cats: everytime Bumper grabs and tugs the cats tail, I give the cat a treat (if he doesn’t scratch her eyes out) so now I’m convinced the cat is putting himself in baby-danger just to get the treats. Must rethink my tactics. GOOD LUCK!

  • Jennifer

    I’ve got my baby corral system all figured out. Luckily we’re just doing minor wiggling over here. Everytime I see babe try to get those knees under her I find something else to baby proof. The majority of my 4 year old’s toys are choking hazards. *sigh*

  • jP

    I have some baby proofing stuff left. Kids are 10 & 11. Do you want me to make a care package to send back with Toby after race week-end?

  • AmyinBC

    When my twin daughters got mobile (blessedly VERY late!) I had a mini nervous breakdown, purchased two baby gates and got into the routine of containing them in the room I was in. No one had prepared me for the onslaught of activity two tiny creatures could partake in!

    They grow SO fast don’t they?