Stealthy Spy Cooking

Wheat Germ Mush

Since I am the professional housewife these days, I make Toby breakfast if he wakes up before noon. That’s our deal. Before you say, “He sleeps till noon!!!” remember that he doesn’t go to bed usually until four or five in the morning. Sometimes he goes to bed just as I’m waking up.

So anyway I make him breakfast because I’m nice like that. And on days he sleeps past noon, I’m mean and make him fend for himself. I can’t wait around all day for him to wake up.

I usually make eggs. Scrambled or an omelet. But on every other day he requests Wheatena, which is hot cereal made out of wheat husks. He thinks it’s healthy. I think it is disgusting. It looks like saw dust stew.

By the looks of Baby Bug’s facial expression, I think she agrees with me. Hopefully she’ll like rice cereal. The doctor said that we’ll talk about rice cereal at our next appointment that is coming up soon. I’m kind of excited for her. Rice cereal!

In other news: Baby Bug didn’t really like the Baby Einstein movie. So I guess it’s a good thing I didn’t drop a chunk of change on the box set. I checked out the Bach one and it was kinda slow. She got bored when they showed instruments on the screen and they didn’t do anything. But when there was this big wooden piece of cheese with holes in it and a mouse puppet popped through the hole…she was all wide eyes and big smiles. She’s so smart. Everybody knows mouse puppets are way more fun than trumpets and keyboards that don’t do anything.

Maybe she’ll like the others better. A while back I watched a farm animal one with my niece when I was up north at my no-cal sister-in-law’s. I think she might like that one better. It had lots of cute animals making animal noises. I even found it mildly amusing.

And yes, of course, all things in moderation.


  • Sheree

    Baby Bach is probably one of the more boring BE DVDs, so I don’t blame your babe for being bored. Both my sons liked BE a lot more once they got to around 5-6 months. The Farm one is really fun, so is the water/ocean one (can’t remember the name). My older son is now nearly 4yrs and still likes watching the water one. Younger DS is 16mos and likes pretty much all the BEs (we have the box set).

    Love the pic of the babe in the pot lid. Very cute!

  • BeachMama

    We make Red River cereal here. It seems similar to what you are making, but it isn’t too mushy. It also takes about 10 minutes to make, which is too long for breakfast by my standards.

    Baby Back wasn’t a fave here either. J still loves his Baby McDonald, with all the farm animals. He also loves Baby Neptune (beach and water), Baby Mozart (lots of trilling music and puppets, no instruments) and Baby Shakespeare (the alphabet song). J started watching them at about 6 months. They are, for the most part, only 20 minutes long. So I would get 20 minutes of computer time then we would move on to other things.

  • Jennifer

    We just started Rice Cereal this week! Babe got pretty excited over it. I can’t wait to start her on the oatmeal, a lot more yummier (in baby world). Baby Mozart seems to be the favorite around here.

  • Sarcastic Journalist

    Honestly (and this is just me) I think movies for little babies are silly. My kid is more entertained by lights (or his hand) than that Einstein crap.

    And really, it is TORTURE for me to try to watch one. Ack!

  • Jamie

    My daughters both enjoyed a So Smart videotape called “First Words.” But only in small doses. The exersaucer was a big hit, though, and I have a bunch of pics of my little one playing in it by my side last summer while I worked at home on my laptop.

  • liz

    I loooooooooooooooove Wheatena. My mum made it for me as a kid, so it’s a comfort food thing for me now.

    I think the key is to not add to much water, and cook it until it’s really dry, and then serve it with milk. That makes it not mushy.

    I also cook it with raisins in it, and serve it with a big glob of chunky peanut butter.

    Seriously. It’s good. I promise.

  • Matthew Miller

    We’ve been really happy with the Baby Signing Time DVDs. They’re well-produced with bright colors and songs that are not bad at all as kid music goes. (They *will* get stuck in your head, though.) They don’t promise to make your kid generically smart, but they’ve been very helpful in learning baby sign, and Guen (now 15 months, so a little older than yours!) really loves to watch. (She’d watch all day if we didn’t limit her!)

    I’d actually recommend them even if you aren’t interested in doing the signing thing — they’re way better than any other kids videos we’ve come across. (Even, I regret to say, the Sesame Street ones, which tend to be awesome old skits stitched together with unnecessary horrible new material cheaply made specifically for the DVD — Big Bird doing a “talk show”, over the head of kids and so lamely done that it’s no entertainment for adults either. Argh — just give us the good stuff with none of this junk filler. Sorry — sidetracked.)


  • pinky

    that’s so funny – my dad always tells a story about how his dad (my grandfather) used to eat Wheatena with an egg on top, and it would gross him right out.


  • ginger incognito

    The Doodle has always preferred the Baby Einsteins that feature animals prominently: Baby MacDonald, World Animals and Neighborhood Animals. The others are just useless to her. Now that she’s (almost!) 3, we pop one in when she’s tired but can’t/refuses to sleep.