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The All-Day Walk

When I set out on my walk today, I had no idea it would turn into a five hour hoof-a-thon. I only packed two diapers in my purse, which is the usual for a quick 45 minute walk to the beach and back. (You just never know when you might have a poopy diaper blow-out). Today my destination was the toy store. It’s just down Pacific Coast Highway about four or five blocks. Easy as pie. Except I was on a mission to find Baby Einstein movies, since you all have convinced me that they are “crack for babies”. I wouldn’t want to deprive Baby Bug an experience like that.

Yesterday I checked the small library that is only two blocks away and they didn’t have them. The librarian put in a request for two dvd’s to be sent over from another library but she couldn’t make any promises how soon they’d get here. That’s way too long for me. So today I set out with a mission: Must find baby crack movies.

When the toy store proved to be completely useless, I decided to walk a few more blocks to a children’s consignment store. They didn’t have any but they did have two very cute Ralph Lauren dresses for twelve bucks. Score. After that I decided to walk to Block Buster. I hate Block Buster. I vowed I’d never go in that store again after I was plagued with the nine-dollar-late-fee every time I ever rented anything. But I’m a mom now and I’ve softened a little bit. I can break my personal boycott for the sake of my darling baby. But no. Blockbuster didn’t have them either. They had about nine-thousand Dora the Explorer dvd’s but no Baby Einstein.

Then I decided I should check out Rite Aid and since I was close by, why not go a few blocks further and take a peek in the little cottage furniture boutique. Of course Rite Aid didn’t have anything and after scouting the furniture boutique I decided I might as well head across the street and a shopping center later to the local big library. Maybe after that why not just hit the mall? It was only maybe a mile further. There’s a new two story Barnes & Noble going in, they might have them…

The local big library did have one dvd and I checked it out with a big fat smile on my face. But I had to hurry because by then, Baby Bug decided to wake up and make all kinds of noise that is not allowed inside a library. We rushed outside with our contraband and I snuck around the back of the library to feed Baby Bug some boob. Breast feeding rocks. No bottles and always handy. I can walk for days and I’ll always be able to take care of her.

Happily fed and a clean diaper later, we decided to trek on further to the mall. Why stop now? No blisters yet and Baby Bug was having the time of her life looking at the great big world while front-facing in the baby carrier. By then I was hankering for a burrito from the mall’s downstairs food court.

The two-story Barnes and Noble wasn’t open yet but the food court most definitely was. I ordered my favorite California burrito (cause it has avocado in it) and ate it outside in a big plastic chair from Design Within Reach that made me feel like I was sitting in a big round bowl. It was quite challenging to eat a burrito with a baby in my lap but I’m getting used to these challenges. I even managed to pour a little cup of mango salsa into my burrito with one hand on the burrito and one hand on the baby. I feel like I’ve grown two extra arms since I became a mother.

After that I decided to head up the hill to the grocery store and get some groceries. Of course I couldn’t carry them all back home with me, not only because I couldn’t carry that much but also because home was about five miles away by now. So I called Toby and he came to rescue us.

I kinda wish I had walked all the way home again. That would have made a better story. But just the same it was one big long walk. I sure wish I would have put on something cuter and maybe done my hair a little nicer before I set out. But I had no idea my short walk to the toy store was going to turn into an all day event.


  • aunt kathy

    Sounds like you two had a great expedition today! What fun to be able to just take off and have a good time with Baby Bug. And to be able to get by with two diapers? Way to go.

  • BeachMama

    Sounds like a fantastic adventure. We will be carless today, so I think we will be having an adventure of our own that will end up somewhere near a Starbucks. I only wish there burritos with avacado, but Starbucks will have to do.

  • Karen

    Yikes! I don’t know who convinced you that Baby Einstein was all that. Quite frankly, I was disappointed entirely! Why pay so much for someone to parade baby toys across the screen?! How is that stimulating unless your baby doesn’t have anyone to play with her. Your baby has an awesome mom and I doubt that Baby Einstein will fill your shoes. Our baby didn’t like them at all and I was glad I didn’t waste money on them. I could see it being useful if you need a baby sitter, but it’s probably only going to work in 15 minute intervals.

    Funny this should come up right now. A child advocacy group filed a complaint with the FTC against Baby Einstein and Brainy Baby for marketing to infants and toddlers without support that it is beneficial.

    Also Baby Einstein is owned by Disney who, in my opinion, is doing nobody justice with their twist on stories and portayal of girls.

  • Stephanie

    Well I have to disagree with Karen. IF you chose to have your little one watch a video – I found the colours and sounds and images delighted our son to no end. Do I think it made him smarter?, is it better than us playing together? – definately not but a little entertainment so mom can make dinner or run to bathroom whilst the baby is safe in an excersaucer or something is a godsend.

  • Sara

    You are such a great mom! Despite how I feel about DVDs and, in fact, any parenting decisions, I know you are an intellegent woman raising a smart baby bug. I hope the other commenters here can celebrate good mothering — including their own — and not worry so much about others’ choices.

  • comfortablycrazy

    I think they enjoy the Baby Einstein videos when there little but as they get a little older Teletubbies, sesama St., and the like become more popular. Watching baby toys dance across the screen may seem kind of silly and boring, but when you have a five minute attention span, it’s probably great. I borrowed a couple from our library when SuperChic was about 18 months, by then it was to late, she thought they were boring. But since BB enjoyed her morning story with minimal fuss, I think she’ll probably like the DVD. But I’m sure you’ll find different parts that she’ll like better than others, and different BE DVDs that she’ll like better than others also.

    Did any of that make sense?

    Kisses to you both. Tell BB I miss her, and I have a surprise for her when I see her.

  • Jennifer

    What a great adventure. You even involved daddy, haha. I’ve found some of our best days have been the unplanned ones. I still defend the “baby crack” and you’re a great mom for working so hard to get it. Did Baby Bug like it?

  • NAT

    B. they have Baby Einstein DVD at Target and also at Toys R Us and Babies R Us if you ever get the chance to drive somewhere they have them there I would go to Target becasue it’s probably closer to you. I am really proud of you that’s a long walk with baby bug I could not do it too much for me.

  • Rachel

    How nice that you could call your hubby to rescue you! I was trying to anticipate how your story would end as I was reading and I just kept thinking, oh no, you’re so far away from home now, what a long walk to go when you’re probably so tired.

  • Clownfish

    Speaking of Bill & Ted, sounds like you had an “Excellent Adventure”!!

    Might I add, “Excellent Post”! A wonderful mix of Mom and BB, tasty eats and fun chairs that we would never buy but are so fun to sit in! Your words allow us to take that walk with you (albeit in our minds). The only difference is that I would have had to stop for a Coke…my chest is not the same portable beverage bar. (Just put that on the list of things that would freak my wife out and me so even more, hahaha)

  • justJENN

    I know. How did I do just one thing at a time before? Now I can carry two babies and a load of groceries up a flight of stairs like nothin’.

  • mar

    As with most things parenting, all things in moderation, all things in moderation. I don’t think there’s anything wrong w/some occasional TV – as long as it’s decent quality, and not all day, every day. A little break is good for all involved.

    Completely off topic – you didn’t tell us you had become an Alphamom – congratulations! The ladies who write there have some chops – good for you!

  • Carrie

    Sounds like a great adventure! I don’t know how you did all that walking with the baby carrier. My back would be killing me! I thought Baby Einstein sounded like the dumbest thing ever until I sat E down in front of it and watched him become transfixed. It is certainly not a babysitter as the above poster implied (you can’t leave a baby alone of course), but it is nice to have the baby entertained by something besides you for fifteen minutes. It’s so hard to be All You, All The Time. If Baby Bug likes them as well as MisterE it will be a nice break for you.

  • Daisy Mae

    The unplanned adventures are always the best ones aren’t they?! And you’ll be happy to know that as they get older the unplanned adventures are more and more fun. My 5 year old granddaughter and I went on an unplanned adventure a couple of days ago (or as she calls it “a mission”) and all she has talked about since is when can we do that again. I love building memories!

    Be grateful a certain purple dinasaur isn’t all the rage now days like it used to be. Baby Einstein is mild in comparison and not as annoying. ha ha.