• Bug

    Saucer Monster

    My baby doesn’t make sweet “aaaa-boooh” sounds anymore. She grunts. She grunts and grunts and grunts and grunts. You’d think she was having the bowel movement of all bowel movements, but she’s not. She’s just grunting. It’s her favorite noise. She likes to stand up (assisted by mom or in the exersaucer) and furrow her eyebrows and scowl at the floor. Then she growls out this grunting sound as if to say, “Bow down to me, carpet mites. I am the great Baby.” Or maybe she’s trying to bend forks with her willpower. I don’t know.

    If you’re wondering why I post so many pictures of Baby Bug in the exersaucer… it is because we have entered the “age of the exersaucer”. Yes, I know vowed never to let brightly colored baby crap enter my house. Yes, I know I said I’d keep the saucer confined to a corner in my room. Yes, I know that I am a parent now and I’m going to eat every last word I ever said as a non-parent. The exersaucer is my hero. Baby Bug loves the exersaucer. I love the exersaucer. The end.

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