Super Duper Red Blanket

Baby Bug has a million blankets. Silly me, when I was registering for baby stuff I was so bored with all the gear that I didn’t understand that I kept gravitating to something I did understand: soft fuzzy blankets. I must have lasered way too many of them with the scan gun because I now have blankets coming out of my ears. I could probably sew them together and cover my house with them termite fumigation style. I should look into a charity that accepts blankets but it’s hard to pick which ones to get rid of because they are all so soft and fuzzy and perfectly snuggly!

HOWEVER, we never had a red blanket until this past weekend. A very special red blanket. My Aunt Janet (aka Auntie Tickle) made it for her. It’s pretty cool because the quilt squares are made of two different textures of fabric. One is soft and fuzzy and the other is silky smooth. Perfect for tummy time amusement and future cuddle time nose rubbing. The edges are lined with white eyelet and the bottom side has fuzzy fleece. What more could a baby want? Plus, it’s my most favorite color.

This is a really good timing because ever since “the age of the exersaucer” I’ve been a little lax on getting Baby Bug to spend quality time on her tummy. She’s been working her leg muscles like crazy with all the jumping and twisting in the exersaucer but her arms are just getting lazy. Now and then she’ll chuck a toy at me but nothing very pressing. Just like her mommy, she’s a little weak in the upper body.

Before the exersaucer she didn’t mind being on the floor but now she hates it. She thinks laying on the floor is for babies. She’s a big girl now. She hates being on her tummy. Her arms just fly out from under her and she ends up nose to the ground and very frustrated. So from now on we are spending at least five minutes a day on the red blanket admiring all the pretty squares and getting stronger so she can crawl. Crawling! So exciting!

Which reminds me, whatever am I going to do about those cat boxes?


  • comfortablycrazy

    Superchic didn’t become interested in the cat box until she was about 18 months. Rapunzel never was, iunless you count her desire to “help” us clean it. aka sand everywhere, and i do mean everywhere. I’m glad she got her own blanket from Auntie Tickle. Rapunzel and Superchic both loved, and still love the one she made for Rapunzel.

  • Danielle

    About the cat boxes – I have the same issue. I have it in our 1/2 bathroom and just have a gate so the baby can’t get to it, but the cats can jump over the gate. It actually works out great and we are hoping that it will help our 18 pounder lose some weight! Good luck, and that’s one great looking blankie!

  • aunt kathy

    The quilt is beautiful! I just love it that it has all those textures. I think we often forget that babies are stimulated by texture as well as shapes (sight) and sound/music (hearing). Maybe it will make her IQ higher :) Not that it matters. She’s already smart enough. And that’s for sure. Hey, try her on smells next. Just kidding, but really, why not?

  • AmyinBC

    Hmm, put the cat boxes up high? Not something you want babybug getting into for sure. Adorable little girl, you must be so proud :)

  • carrien

    Once again, she’s such a pretty cute girl. I too could make a termite tent with the blankets I was given. For the second I BEGGED people not to give me any blankets, but I still got some. Most of them were handmade by someone special to us, so what do you do? THey all have a memory attached. I finally put at least half of them into a box for some friends who were collevting blankets to give to newborns in some kind of crisis area, I can’t remember which now. SO if anyone asks me why I don’t have the blanket they slaved over any longer I can tell them I gave it to a baby who didn’t have any and needed it more and thought they would be glad that it was serving such a noble purpose. NO one has asked yet, but that’s my plan. AND I still have more than I need because the rest were beyond parting with.

  • rachel

    Baby Bug is such a go-getter, no matter how much prescribed exercise time you go for I bet she’s going to start walking really early.

    When my daughter started walking, we allowed her access to the house slowly. First, her room and the living room, then the kitchen, and so on. The cat box was kept in the last frontier part of the house: her father’s study area. It also provided good motivation for her father to keep the cat box clean.

  • Christina (gentle hugger)

    Bean has about 2 favorite big blankets.. but nothing compares to her Super Soft Blankey. It is a Carter recieveing blanket with the John Lennon Baby Love design.. her’s is/was yellow and was a baby shower gift. (the only thing in the motif I recieved) Little did I know it was going to become THE BLANKET.. it’s become the end all tears, heal all owies, make all the monsters and sickies go away blanket. I’m sure your little Bug will have her favorite too.. one helpful hint.. when you discover which is THE favorite.. get a second one PRONTO.

    cat box.. never had a problem with that. She was just never interested. Cat food on the other hand was and still is a nice little treat (the hard crunchy bits that is)
    my child is so strange!

  • Jennifer

    I love that blanket. Beautiful.

    When we had cats and baby we had put a gate up in the hallway so baby couldn’t crawl down hallway to the catbox that was in the bathroom at the end of the hall. The cats seemed to enjoy jumping over the baby gate. Over time, we got rid of the gate and had “NO” areas that babe learned to avoid. Baby gates are great though. I used to put one in the entrance to the kitchen so I didn’t have to worry about all the dangers of the kitchen.

    In response to baby’s sense of smell. They have a few baby toys out now that are scented just for that purpose. Some scents to excite, others to calm. My monkey is excited enough most of the time so we go with the calm scents.

  • karen

    Your baby has the cutest look ever on her face in that picture you link to (“Auntie Tickle shows Baby Bug the Poisonous Foxgloves”). It’s like she’s saying “note to self: stay away from poisonous plant!”

  • allie

    The boy hated tummy time till about 6 months old. I could entice him to do some by rolling a toy fire truck back and forth in front of him. I would also dangle something above his head to make him push up on his arms.
    Baby bug looks so adorable on her red blanket.