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No Diving

Baby Bug has a swimming suit. It’s the cutest little teeny tiny polka dotted pink tankini that you’ve ever seen. So today since it was 90-something degrees in the shade, we decided to test out her cute little swimming suit in a cute little baby swimming pool. My mom bought her a special swimming pool just for babies. It’s about three feet in diameter and about three inches deep with soft padding on the bottom. I found it very humorous that there was a label printed on the side that said “No Diving”.

Baby Bug can’t swim yet and of course I would never leave her unattended in pool no matter how cute and little the baby swimming pool was. We just wanted to see what she would do if we stuck one little baby toe in the water. Unfortunately, we made the mistake of putting one inch of cold hose water in it and not nice warm bath water. Not that it would have made that much of a difference.

I held her on my lap and stuck one little baby toe in the tablespoon-sized puddle of cold hose water in the bottom of the teeny tiny baby swimming pool. She screamed bloody murder*. You’d think I was trying to drown her. She does not like water warm or cold water. Cute bathing suits do not change her mind at all.

But we did get some cute pictures of her sun bathing with her cousin Superchic.

* I need to think of a new way to describe her screaming…but right now that’s all that comes to mind.


  • amy

    I know you weren’t asking for advice here, so feel free to ignore me. However, if she is still screaming while having a bath you could try putting a towel down in the tub first and then covering her with a washcloth or towel as well. We would swaddle our bean in a towel, lower him into the tub, then slowly unwrap him. He just needed some extra secruity because the whole bath thing is so weird. Now he loves the water.

  • lin

    My son did the same thing the his first summer, I was so afraid he wouldn’t like to go swimming. This is his second summer and we can’t keep him away from the water, he now screams when you take him out. There is hope!!

  • Becky Z

    That is really a cute bathing suit. I’m sure she’ll start to love the water soon enough. It looks like fun to me. :)

  • BeachMama

    Those are the two cutest bathing beauties I have seen in long time. We went throught the terrified of water thing with J, he loves it now, so there is hope :)

  • kelly

    How about:
    “objected to X with all the volume she could muster”

    “Screaming Bloody Murder” is still a really good one.

    Photos are reason enough for ANY cute outfit IMHO.

  • Marilyn

    Hey, you! Sorry I’ve been away from your site. I’ve gotten so used to using Bloglines, I forgot for awhile that I can’t pick up your feed there. I’m reading this in IE, since I can’t get your site to come up right in Firefox right now…don’t know why. Hope motherhood is going well…she’s ADORABLE! Happy Belated Mother’s Day to you, B! xoxo

    Okay, off to catch up now… :)