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You Do What You Gotta Do…

I’ve been carrying around this blog post in my head for days. I hate doing that. I’ve probably forgotten all the funny parts. But lately I have to. This mom business takes up all my time! ALL OF IT!!! Between you and me, it’s kicking my butt. I started this illustration at six something this morning and just now, when Baby Bug is finally sleeping, I completed it. It’s 8:30 in the evening. Sigh… Can I do this?

But then I remember, she’s only one month old! What do I expect? It takes time to be a super mom, right?

Anyway, this illustration is me pushing my laundry across the street to the laundromat in the bugaboo. Reason number one-hundred-and-fifty-two: why the bugaboo rocks. You can use it as a wheel barrow! Rediculous I know. But I’m a bit stubborn and a marytyr sometimes. Toby said he’d help me with the laundry but I was at the point where the laundry had to be done and I couldn’t wait a minute longer. Neither me nor Baby Bug have enough clothes to go longer than two weeks. When every nursing bra practically stands up on it’s own from dried breast milk and Baby Bug doesn’t have any pajamas that aren’t soiled with poop, you know you need to do laundry no matter what.

If that means you put the baby in the sling and you push two giant Santa Claus sized bags of laundry across the street in the stroller, then that’ s what you do. And if the people who are stopped at the light waiting in their cars as you cross in front of them on the cross walk, snicker and hide their smiles behind their hands… then you just grin and bear it. Because you’re a mom now and you gotta do what you gotta do.

In other news: (or speaking of clothes…) The other day I tried on my fat jeans AND THEY FIT!!!! Well, sort of. I can put them on, pull them all the way up and I can button them! Woo Hoooo! You read that right, I can button them! I’m not talking any kind of rubber-bandy trick either. Never mind my stretched out belly that sort of rolls over the top and my granny panties that show out the back because my jeans are super low rise and I’m just not into wearing sexy thong underwear right now… This is big news!! First of all because I’m way ahead of schedule in losing the baby weight (take that Dr. Diaz who chided me constantly for gaining too much weight) and second of all, my mom scared the crap out of me by telling me that my hip bones would shift and I’d never be able to wear my old clothes again. You’re wrong Mom! My bones are fine… well, at least in my fat jeans.


  • March

    Oh I applaud you getting into your fat jeans!!!
    that is one of the biggest joys, and I’m sure you’ll fit into your thin jeans soon…

    though I must tell you that I’m with your mom, I did not keep any weight after my girl, now she’s 2, was born, and was back into my clothes a couple of months after, but the clothes don’t fit the same way they did before, my hips definitely are positioned differently so, even though I got back to my pre-pregnancy weight and my clothes fit, I still had to adjust to them not fitting the same way and that they won’t ever again… those hip bones!

    I hear you with the laundry as well, you are a mom alright!!

  • Amy

    Your body may change, even after the weight loss but am sure, like most of us, the change is totally worth it.

    Oh I remember those days. When the smallest outing felt like a challenge! Keep at it my dear, it does get easier. I remember going to the pharmacy when my oldest was 16 days old. It was a marathon!

  • Karina

    Cute illistrations (drawings, I can’t spell)…!! Sounds like the bugaboo came in handy with the laundry!! Congrats on fitting back into your jeans, that’s great!! :)

  • Anna

    Congrats on making into the fat jeans!! That is really quick and a big fat raspberry to that Dr. and any other naysayer :)

    And Bugaboo should be sending you lots of free stuff or at least paying you for the great advertising you do for the company!!! I am so jealous they weren’t around for my little guy.

  • Captain Mom

    NOW I’m sold on the bugaboo. It does laundry too! Does it sort and load? Way to go you on the jeans. It feels soooo good, even with the roll over, after all those maternity clothes. Don’t let me scare you, but I still have some roll over. But, I’m 35, and have had 3 children. Didn’t keep it after the first two. So I guess the lesson is stop at 2.

  • Adam

    Awesome blog as usual! I love reading this. It really makes me want a 3rd child but my wife says NO WAY! Boo! Hoo!


  • momma2mingbu

    Even though my weight was basically the same after my first was born, I had lots of pants that I had to give to Goodwill because my hips had shifted and I was a different shape.

  • Keely

    After reading this post and your other one about the bugaboo…I’m thinking of getting one now. We’re in the process of trying to make a sunshine baby…and I’m thinking I’m going to need one of these. :)

    Oh and YAY! on getting into those jeans!

  • Jamie

    Congrats on fitting into the jeans! You rock! Someone should invent granny panties with little sayings across the back like “Cut me some slack…new mom.” Love this illustration…you are so talented!

  • Becky Z

    Well, I guess I have some things to look forward too. :)
    The morning sickness has really kicked in for me. Just after I had the first ultrasound on last Tuesday. I woke up Wednesday feeling terrible. I’m sure there is plenty more to come. I love seeing all your pictures on here. I also find comfort when I read what you are going through. It helps me. :-)
    David is working a lot and it is stressing me out.

  • sam

    I absolutely adore that 2nd illustration, you’ve nailed it perfectly. Congrats on getting the laundry done, it’s the little things, isn’t it?

  • Lin

    One day I’ll write a post about schlepping across half of London (gross exaggeration) with bags of laundry and a baby. I had a big English pram for Jane and you could barely see the baby, tucked into one little corner. I would recommend getting a small front-loading washing machine that you can tuck into a corner of the kitchen or bathroom. A dryer probably would take up too much room and you or Toby could pop over to the laundromat with the wet clothes to dry them or have a drying rack on your back porch.

  • Buffy

    I’m in training to have children.

    It’s a intensive one year course that I’ve devised myself. (I figure it’s gonna take that long to get my body and mind psyched up enough to handle motherhood.)

    Your site has just become a core module.

  • Kestrel

    Hurrary for fitting into your jeans! Go you! : Cheer :

    If had a bugaoo I’d totally use it to cart my laundry to the mat. And I don’t even have kids yet. :)