• Bug,  Slow News Day

    sicky mc-sicky

    I am so boring. All I do all day is stay inside. I haven’t gone out on a walk since Saturday. I didn’t even get dressed yesterday until five in the evening. I wouldn’t have gotten dressed at all except a friend was coming over. No shower, no lotion on my legs, no fresh hair do, no nothing. Just sicky-mc-sick with the ever running nose that makes me crazy!

    Sick posts are boring so I’ll just move along. I made some lemonade from the lemons my Grandpa brought over from his back yard last week. Real home grown lemons are the best. Especially when some of the leaves are still left on. These lemons were very ripe (maybe last year’s crop?) so I had to juice them right away. That’s not very exciting except I finally got to use my cool little silver juicer thingy from Paris! I miss Paris. I can’t wait until I can go again. When Baby Bug is ten or eleven maybe?

    Did I ever tell you that I wished for Baby Bug as I was going under a bridge on the Seine in Paris? It’s one of those things that I tend to repeat over and over so skip the next two paragraphs if I’ve told you already.

    We were riding on a boat on the Seine at night and the microphoned narrator lady was droning on in this thick accent that put me right to sleep. Maybe it was jetlag, I don’t know. I felt like my eyelids weighed ten pounds. I think it was her voice. Kinda like that Economics professor I had in college. But then near the end of the water tour I woke up enough to hear her say that legend had it that if you kissed someone as you went under this bridge for the very first time, (like a virgin bridge go-er-under-er) and made a wish, your wish would come true! (ack! where are the commas supposed to go in that sentence?!!) I didn’t have anybody to kiss but I made a wish anyway.

    Of course I wished for a baby! That’s what I wished every time I ever had a chance to wish anything. A penny in a fountain, my necklace being on backwards, blowing out candles, etc. etc…

    I had no idea that Baby Bug was already conceived and growing her little cells in my womb at that very moment! It all just makes my Paris trip that much more wonderful. Someday I’ll have to take Baby Bug back to that exact same spot and let her make a wish. Of course by then she’ll be so sick of my wish story that she’ll be trying to ditch me to go hang out with cousin Rapunzel somewhere else.

    There, it’s not a completely boring post just about baby stuff. I think I’m thinking I’m boring because my friend that came over last night told me that he doesn’t really read my blog anymore because he just doesn’t relate to all the boob talk, no offense or anything. Of course I didn’t take any offense but I did start thinking that maybe I need to get out a little more.

    Soon! Soon I will be released from House Arrest!!! This is really big exciting news and I hope I don’t jinx it by writing about it before the deal is sealed and delivered. But I’ve sold a bunch of my pregnancy illustrations and with the money I receive, I’m going to put a down payment on my new car!!!! It could happen in weeks! I’m so excited. Toby was going to buy it for me anyway (we’ve long had a new car in the budget) but I feel so much prouder knowing that I earned the first payment all by myself! See! Stay At Home Mom’s can do it ALL!!! Well, not really but almost. As long as I don’t have to go to any meetings with eye goop on my shoulder and a spit-up rag tucked in my waste band.

    So what’s the deal with the house arrest anyway? I was going to write about that but then I got some feedback from a few people that said Toby’s requests weren’t as freaky as I thought they were. You see, Toby really doesn’t want his precious little girl around air conditioning vents that blow skin cells and germs all over the place until she’s big enough to fight infection without having to go to the hospital. This means no Target, no stores with dirty rugs, no going to Old Navy to get some cheap “fat” clothes that I am desperately in need of now that my maternity clothes are falling off me… I pretty much can’t go anywhere. Add to that the fact that he won’t let me drive my unsafe car anyway. He’s a tyrant! Just kidding. He just worries a lot and I try to humor him. But sometimes in my attempts to humor him, I feel like I’m in prison.

    The irony is that this cold I’m fighting right now… I got it at the birthday party of HIS friends! Actually they are my friends too and I totally would have gone anyway but the point is I’m so glad I got sick on one of his shin-digs instead of one of mine because if it had been one of my shin-digs, I would have never heard the end of it.

    Rambly Rambly Rambly! And I thought I had nothing to say!

    Here’s some pictures for those who need their Baby Bug fix of the day.