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    Scrapping Scrapbooks

    Remember the All Consuming Scrapbook project? The giant album of pictures I put together BEFORE Baby Bug was born? Back when I had time on my hands… Ha! I so set myself up for failure. (My poor second kid.)

    Well, I finally finished the pre-birth book and now I’m starting on her first year. If I keep this up, I’m going to need a whole library, complete with one of those sliding ladders, to store them in by the time she’s eighteen. I’m thinking some months are going to have to go by without me taking one hundred pictures a day. I take so many pictures, it’s crazy. I know it’s a good thing. Every moment is precious and I want to capture it. But where should I draw the line? I could put myself out of house and home with all this clutter!

    I probably don’t have to worry. I have a feeling this project will find it’s way to a dusty shelf somewhere and take care of itself. As it is, I’m finding it nearly impossible to write little captions and stories to go on each page.

    Everybody always asks me, how do you keep blogging when you are so busy being a mom? I guess all I can say is I do what I love. I find time for the things that I really want to do. Sometimes Baby Bug has to sit on her changing pad and kick for an extra ten minutes longer than she wants to. Don’t worry, I don’t ever ignore her. She’s always close by. Other times I just stay up longer after she’s gone to sleep. I don’t think I’ll ever quit blogging but the scrap booking… I’m not so sure.