Ready Steady Go!

I’m so ready for this baby to get here, it’s silly. But then what did you expect? This is the same girl who blogged daily about going to Paris for sixty days straight. I can and will exhaust the subject. As Toby says, I can blog whether there is something to write about or not. I suppose I could go on about bathroom mold if I wanted to.

Today was a good day. I feel human again. I actually went out and waddled about with other normal people. I’m so glad the holidays are over. I didn’t really plan very well how I was going to manage my time. I got really really bored and lonely. AND I hate being bored because that means I’m boring. I’m not very good at relaxing and doing nothing. Especially when I don’t have television to watch, I can’t keep my attention on a book longer than 15 minutes AND I hate driving because I don’t have power steering. Usually, when I get cabin fever I hop in my car and make the trek to Hemet to spend some quality chaos with my crazy nieces. But not now. No driving for me. So of course I got cabin fever.

But today I actually got in my car and drove to the library (yay! dvd’s to watch) and the grocery store (yay! food to eat!) and I took myself out to lunch. Taking yourself out to lunch is always fun. Except I was a little self conscious because I was wearing my Little House on the Prairie dress (it’s the only thing that fits over my giant giant beach ball belly) and I sat next to a table of preteens wearing itty bitty mini skirts, fuzzy jackets and boots. I felt like they were looking at me and whispering that they’d never let themselves go like I obviously have. Or maybe they were in just in awe of the belly. I don’t know. I just do not blend in any more.

I also stopped into a stationery store and bought the pretty pink envelopes you see above. As you know, I am obsessed with pink and these are just the perfect light shade of it. So pretty! Tomorrow I will start addressing them and hopefully design the skeleton of what will go inside. I hate to really do much because I have no idea what she is going to look like, not to mention her stats. I hope to make my announcement focus around her picture but I don’t have that yet so it’s kinda tough going. Still, I know I can’t leave all the design until after she gets here because then it’s bound to be a piece of notebook paper covered in spit up and poop. Hmmm… that might be a clever idea… I could design fake stains! (just kidding!)

I am so ready.

I even cooked an extra lasagna* tonight for the freezer even though we live within walking distance of two coffee shops, a pizza place and the best burrito dive in town. Oh well, you can never be too prepared right?

*without broccoli just for you, mom.

In other news, my husband from time to time emails me the strangest links… I thought I’d share. I’ll call them Toby’s links of the day.

1. the effect of country music on suicide
2. He says he caught Pounce looking at this on the internet.