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    Inner Chai Cuteness

    Though I’d hate to have ugly google ads along the side of my blog, I have to admit it would be pretty cool to pay a mortgage on a house by blogging. Not that this blog is anywhere near getting the traffic needed to draw advertisers to pay me mega bucks like that, but I have to admit the thought has crossed my mind.

    Well, guess what?!!!! In an indirect way, without being a complete sell out, I did get paid for blogging! Or at least for linking. I didn’t get paid any actual money but someone I linked to sent me some merchandise FOR FREE!!!!!

    Here’s how it all went down: When I first got pregnant I changed my “obsession” block of links in my sidebar from all about Paris to all about baby stuff… because well, I’m obsessed and I like to look at baby things now. Well, guess what? Turns out a lot of you readers do too! And because I linked to Green Tea Baby, a site that has super cute Asian inspired baby shoes, a bunch of you readers went over there and the owner of this website noticed! She contacted me and thanked me and told me she was going to send me a little “something something” to show her appreciation for the link. How about that?!!!

    So that is why I’m writing a post all about the cute little tangerine Asian silk shoes and hat that Jami Becker from Inner Chai sent me. It just goes to show you that linking is a good thing. Thank you Jami! (And thank you readers for clicking!) I LOVE the little orange shoes! I especially like how they are round and wide in the toes. My baby is going to be so chic! I’m just going to want to dip her in some soy sauce and pop her in my mouth!