• preg-nuts

    Chill Brenda. Chill!

    Still no baby. I’m struggling to post these days. I’m tempted to just not blog because I really have nothing new to talk about. But then I worry that people are clicking over and wondering if a pause in posts might mean something’s happening.

    But nothing is happening. That’s the problem.

    I shouldn’t complain. Someday when I’m planning her some elaborate birthday party, I’ll be thankful for as many days as possible between Christmas and her birthday. So I really just need to chill and let these days go by.

    Chill Brenda! Chill!

  • preg-nuts

    broken blog fingers

    Can’t type new post. Fingers numb from addressing all Paris postcards and all birth announcement envelopes and… because of new strange pregnancy “carpal tunnel syndrome”. Plus, brain mush from new extreme television consumption on comfortable couch. Still no baby though. Be back tomorrow, hopefully.