Niece Fix and Let’s Play the Due Date Game

Since I can’t go to see my nieces, they came to see me! They were only going to stay for the day but Grandma got too tired to drive home after our long fun day at the mall… so they stayed the night and got to wear my t-shirts for pajamas*. They left early this morning. I miss them already.

My sister-in-law says I haven’t “dropped” yet. So that means all this anxiousness and thinking that I’m going to pop any minute is just me being my normal drama queen self. She’s predicting that the baby will come possibly Tuesday, but more likely next Sunday (my actual due date). Ho Hum….

Since we’re all bored here waiting around for this baby, we can play a game! Whoever guesses my correct due date, in the comments, I’ll send a prize to! Hmmm…. what kind of prize should I make up? I could send you my first dirty diaper! Just kidding. I’ll think of something good.

*Not that I’m really trying to sell more crappy cafe press t-shirts… but I wanted an excuse to put up a new link ’cause I’ve got some new stuff in my shop to check out… If you’re curious that is… and well, if you buy something then I can use my cafepress dollars to buy myself what I really want, which is this!

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