Family Matters,  Niece-com-poops


I am a very bad daughter. I am posting pictures of my mom’s house that is a big big mess. Today at five pm we are going to have a birthday party for my youngest niece, Superchick (who we renamed from “SuperChunk” because she’s not so chunky anymore and we don’t want her to get a complex or anything). Tomorrow we are having even more people over for Thanksgiving dinner.

So anyway, what I’m trying to say is that somehow between now and five in the evening, this house will miraculously get cleaned up. And of course I’ll have to post an “after” picture or my mom will skin me alive. She wants to make it very clear that this is not how her house always looks. Right now my brother, his wife, two kids and four cats are all living here too–which brings the total count up to six people, seven cats and three dogs. It can get a little out of control at times. (But between you and me, it’s been this way my whole life.)