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    Party Hog

    Is it tacky that I just made and sent out my own shower invitations? I just couldn’t help myself. The hostess of the party was asking me what I would like and this and that… So I told her what I really really would like, would be to make my own invitations. Because that’s what I do! I make invitations. It’s fun and easy and I’m my own best customer because I know exactly what I want. How could I settle for store bought when I could make some in the perfect color and size and even with a real tea bag! I begged and pleaded.

    She reluctantly let me, on the grounds that it was a gift to me to let me make my own shower invitations. If I had my way, I’d plan and throw the whole party… but that is taking it too far. I’m such a party hog. Just the same, I am very excited about this party. It’s going to be a tea party with pink cup cakes. I love pink and I love cup cakes!

    I sort of like tea.