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    My friend Jbomb had her baby a week early!!! He was born on October 29th via an emergency c-section because his head was facing the wrong way! Baby Max is 7 pounds and 9 oz. and is 20 inches long.

    Here is what she has to say:

    “Tip for you, pack your bag early. You never know. My doc told me he would arrive late. I was taking my time to prepare everything. Then my baby got a mind of his own, and he arrived a week early! I wish I have been more prepared!”

    Yes ma’am!

  • preg-nuts

    on and on with the tiredness

    A list of paragraphs because I am so tired all the time.

    1. I am not diabetic!

    A nurse called me yesterday to tell me my results from the 3 hour glucose test came back and I am not diabetic! Yay! Horray! Toby rolls his eyes. He never thought I was diabetic in the first place. Silly doctors and their silly tests… I never did share my story of how the three hour test turned into a four hour test. But I am so over it. At the time it was hard and the mean lab people made me cry. No one should make a pregnant woman cry. But then I guess it’s an easy thing to do when you starve her for 12 hours and then tell her she has to sit in an ugly waiting room chair for FOUR hours because you don’t want your lunch break to be interrupted. Lunch!!!??? What about breakfast? In the end, I think they felt guilty for being so crappy to me and the phlebotomist was very sweet to me.

    2. My baby sunflower is about to burst!

    A while back pinky sent me some sunflowers in a can. Really. The can is only half the size of a coke can too. It’s amazing. They must be super engineered because both Toby and I were very skeptical that a plant as big as a sun flower could grow in soil that looks like styrofoam in a can the size of half a coke can. But they sprouted and they grew and now the little plant is a foot tall with a great big bud of a flower on it! Thank you Pinky! I can’t wait to see it’s yellow glory! I should have taken more pictures so you could really see. But it is still dark out and I have places to be today so I can’t wait around for the sun to come out. Maybe tomorrow.

    3. Our taxes finally got fixed.

    They really got fixed too. Beyond my imagination. We now owe a fourth of what we thought we owed. The only down side is that we probably won’t be able to buy a house now that our income is a fourth of what we thought it was. But that’s okay. I don’t like big scary numbers. And I really wouldn’t like to give my house to the government.

    4. I should really make a list of all the good things about pregnancy. I’m afraid it seems like I complain all the time. Here are some good things:

    a. no period! That rocks the casbah
    b. strangers are kind to me
    c. the kicking is comforting when I’m lonely
    d. I like the way my round belly looks and feels
    e. I think it’s funny that the lines on my stomach don’t line up
    f. little kids are fascinated with me
    g. my dreams are coming true
    h. I’ve been pretty lucky with maternity clothes, a lot of them are cute
    i. I’ve suddenly developed a deep love for the color pink
    j. I have a lot more in common with other women now
    k. sometimes when I rub my belly I think it wakes her up and she responds
    l. I was tired of being a career woman.
    m. baby stuff is cute!
    n. it’s comforting to have a doctor checking on me
    o. Toby is proud of me
    p. I haven’t had morning sickness since week 12
    q. my feet haven’t swollen up yet
    r. I never got the super uber smelling ability
    s. it’s nice not to be flat chested anymore
    t. my super immune system has kept me from getting a cold this year!!! I usually catch everything!
    u. I now appreciate my former “thin” self. I used to think I was chubby. Ha!
    v. no acne!

    I wanted to make it to z…. but it’s just not coming to me. I’m sure there are 26 nice things though. Maybe I’ll have to work on this list again later. It’s really strange to wake up in the morning and be tired. It’s so not like me.