• Stealthy Spy Cooking,  Tis the Season

    And it was Good!

    We tasted it, and it was good! It was a little soupy in the bottom but I think that is normal. The crust was tasty! Toby says I was supposed to grease the bottom of the pan so it wouldn’t stick, but I don’t know… it didn’t say anything about that in the recipe. I guess I’ll just have to ask his stepmom. She’s the expert. Maybe I’m supposed to add something to it so it doesn’t get too juicy too.

    Speaking of apple pies and stepmoms, it was so cool last night as I got the pie out of the oven. Toby was all smiles because the smell reminded him of being a kid. I guess his stepmom used to make a pie from scratch at least once a week. They were never allowed much snack food but she used to save the scraps of dough and bake them with cinnamon and sugar. It was a real special treat that Toby really loves to this day. I tried to make some myself but I’m such a moron, I thought the little dough strips would bake for the same amount of time as the pie. I told you I can’t bake. I made petrified burnt dough crisps. Good thing our smoke alarm has been disabled since like 1986 because it would have been going off. But the good news is, the pie was fine!

    Finey fine fine!

    Cheers to domestic goddessdom! And now I need to find people who will eat the rest for me so I don’t turn into a massive rolley polley ball of dough myself.

    p.s. Isn’t my new dish towel beautiful? Totally worth the six bucks I spent on it.