Daddy’s Little Girl

Lately Toby and I have been going out to breakfast (we call it breakfast but we usually roll up around noon) on Sundays at this little restaurant that is so popular you have to wait for a seat. If you don’t get there before 9 am you have to wait 30-45 minutes, at least. Even on a foggy day you have to wait. We don’t mind because the food is really good (they catered our wedding) and the atmosphere is nice too. And we’re so slow moving on Sunday, what’s another half an hour of down time? Personally, my stomach is growling by noon and I catch myself eyeballing the Jack-in-the-Box drive through across the street. But this is something Toby and I do together and since he works all the time, I take whatever crumbs of his time I can get.

Next to the restaurant are several shops to browse in. One of the shops is a super high end baby store. Every time we are stuck waiting for a seat, I visit the baby store to kill time. They have very expensive adorable cute things. I never buy anything but I always look. Toby waits in the van and smokes.

Today I pulled him into the store with me because next week we are attending one of his friend’s baby showers and I thought we should get them something really nice.

Well guess what? We didn’t buy his friend anything but Toby bought our baby girl a sweater AND a little sweater jumper dress! Not me. I would never spend that much on something that a baby is only going to wear a month and probably spit up all over. But Toby said our little girl should have a few “nice things”. I think he’s starting to warm up to the idea of having a little girl.

*the color is bad in these pictures because I took the shots on our couch in the mottled light of sunset.