Nobody likes an “I’m sick” post but I thought I better put something up since it’s been a minute. No, I am not sick with covid-19. Phew! I just have a regular head cold and it’s not really that big of a deal.

I’ve been thinking of all kinds of creative things I can do with this blog when I’m feeling better. Share some art, share some art process, document every stupid silly thing?

Quarantine is great for creative people. In fact, I’m not even letting myself start a puzzle because I know once I do I will get sucked into it and I won’t spend my time doing something more productive, like working on a book, working on a craft, or writing some interesting blog content.

But I just wanted to check in and say hi. I haven’t been able to visit my parents because I am sick but they are doing well. We talk every day on the phone and my mom is STILL losing weight. Can you believe it? My dad has been cooking all my recipes and even making some of his own. So far they are healthy and doing well. Everybody’s a little stir-crazy but what else is new?

The kids are with their others but they will be back Monday and school seems to be in full swing. I get emails from Bug’s teacher every other hour. I actually like them. Her teachers are working really hard to send out positive messages and keep everyone focused. I really wonder what life will be like when this pandemic is over.

My anxiety about loved ones dying is through the roof but good thing I’ve learned a ton of tricks to help with that. How are you guys coping? I’m wishing I lived next door to an opera singer. But my garden is pretty and the dogs are my constant companions.

The Mom Report


My mom is doing GREAT. Like fantastically great. This has been a life-changing event for all of us. My mom came home from the hospital and we immediately, as a whole family, embraced the new DIEt. I think I’m going to rename it soon to something like the “LIVEt” because it is all about living and NOT dying.

It’s amazing how much small changes like cutting most carbs and nixing sodium works. Yes, the food is bland. Yes, we would love to eat pizza and cheese…and a million other things that are now forbidden but it makes all of us feel a million times better. I think I can swallow bland for a while. I think we were all hung up on what we would have to give up that we didn’t take time to focus on what we would gain if we ate properly.

It’s still early days but my mom went to her doctor today and she does not have to go back on diabetes medication or high blood pressure medication IF she continues to improve the way she has been. Did you read that right? Last time we checked in she was in the hospital with KIDNEY FAILURE!!! And now she is improving soooo much, she doesn’t have to take her medication? Crazy, right?

Crazy good.

My dad and I are in this to win it. I’ve made daily worksheets for my dad to fill out with my mom’s numbers and he is doing so with the dedication of a scientist. We have taken on my mom’s health as our new mission in life. And guess, what? My mom is in it too! She’s had to fight so long and so hard with her weight that she’d given up. It was hard. Even though my mom has a bright optimistic personality she was worn down. But now with our new invested intention she is back on track and killing it. I’m so proud of her.


It’s a work in progress. I’m thinking once we have these worksheets nailed down I might post them here as a free printable. I’m not a mommy-blogger anymore maybe I’ll become a fight-against diabetes blogger. They say one in four Americans has diabetes so maybe this is the new normal.  I’m just really excited that we have cracked the code. Or at least it’s looking that way. Of course, we have to create something sustainable so the strict diet will have to be flexed and loosened now and then but I’m game. I’m in this!


A perk of investing more time into my mom, I get to take pictures of my barn more often. It’s getting so pretty out there right now. Spring is in the air!

Speaking of Spring, have you noticed my new banner? March is Spring in Southern California and between a few blustery cold days, we have had the brightest, sunniest beautiful days with flowers popping up all over. It’s allergy season. You should see the thin coating of yellow pine tree pollen all over everything. Our cul-de-sac looks like a dusty road except it’s yellow.


And! I’ve been keeping up the running. Nothing like a near health scare to get you motivated. I’ve been running twice a week. Today I took the dogs. I tied their leashes to a fanny pack that Payam loaned me and we swing-swung our way through the nature trail with not the greatest of ease. But it was good to get out and get sweaty. I feel good.