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    the weekly check-in, a few days late


    Monday got away from me and I don’t even remember what I was doing! Let me check. Hmm… nothing notable. I hired a virtual personal trainer, so that’s exciting. I had to quit the old trainer because it was just too expensive and I was totally bored. This new trainer does everything online and there are lots of modules and check-ins so it’s promising. So far all I’m doing is walking, which you know I love. My dad and I are walking every morning together virtually. We put our earbuds in and chat for an hour or so while we walk 2.5 miles. It’s great. We both get exercise and we talk about business and catch up.

    Last Saturday my dad walked the 5K with me, except we didn’t do the 5K, we walked the 2 mile fun walk. It’s all pretty much the same but since my dad was worried about leg cramps (he has deep vein thrombosis and has really bad cramps when he overdoes) so we took it easy. I love the pomp and circumstance of a city 5K, everyone is out and happy. They have live music and restaurant row. It’s just so good to be out and about after a two year hiatus.


    Speaking of out and about, Bug is all better! Her tastebuds seem to be extra sensitive and she tastes everything hesitantly like a pregnant woman going through morning sickness but she is officially covid-free. She is worried about brain fog but that could just be the family trait of worrying about everything. I hope so.


    I sent my fabulous fiftieth birthday invitations out Tuesday so there’s no going back now. Time to hunker down to real planning now. Funny how thinking up the themes and ideas is so much more fun than putting out the money to make things happen smoothly. I did book my client’s margarita truck. I hope they taste good!

    Bug and I have exciting plans today so I hope I’m back here soon to report!


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    Love You Babygirl!


    Every Sunday we drive about half an hour to Payam’s mom’s for Persian brunch. When we pull off the freeway at her exit, there is a wall behind a Target that is covered with colorful graffiti. I gaze at it every time we are there waiting for the light to turn. I always think we should go back and take pictures but we always forget because on the way back we don’t see it. Out of sight out of mind kind of thing.


    This time I mentioned it to Payam and Payam being Payam who remembers little things like this,  humored me and drove us there after brunch. We drove around the backside of Target, hopped a short wall, and squeezed through a chain-link fence. It butts up against a homeless camp of sorts. We see people lounging in the bushes and bumming cigarettes off each other. Shopping carts and trash litter the abandoned space. Nobody cares what it looks like.


    In that perfect spot between abandon and entropy, there is an open space for creativity! I know my opinion might not be the majority but doesn’t it bright an otherwise very boring space?   colors-of-graffiti

    And until I have anything better to say these pictures will brighten up this space. :)

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