Random Instagram Dump


I’ve discovered that if I don’t blog here, my traffic goes down and if my traffic goes down, I get less sponsored gigs. Go figure!  Hmmm…. So how about a rambling post about the few things that I can write about?


1. Balance

I feel much more balanced than I have in months. It’s been a long hard journey but I feel like I’m finally getting somewhere with my work life and my social life. They’ve been at odds for years. I’m finally getting a good rhythm, balancing my work days with my go-out-to coffee mornings and my hang-out-with-my -neighbors-and-chat-the-day-away afternoons.  It feels so much better to be balanced. I’m happy and I can pay my bills too!  It’s a great feeling.


2. Bug.

Oh, that girl.  She is the light of my days.  She is brilliant and sweet and turning in the most curious of creatures.  She’s got a quiet side to her these days. She’s not so outgoing as she used to be. She likes to explore nature and wander around by herself more than she used to. She reads whole books in a day. It’s pretty amazing.  One of her good friends moved away and I think her natural balance of friends has tipped a little and she’s still adjusting. She might be a bit of an introvert which is okay.

She recently went through a terrible time with anxiety. Her old trigger (kids puking in class) happened a couple times this last month (it’s life) and she went on a tailspin of anxiety about going to school in the morning. We tried toughing it out and it just wasn’t working. I was literally pushing her into her teacher’s arms in the morning while both of us had panic attacks.

Finally, her dad stepped in and he took her to school two mornings in a row. She didn’t like missing me but I felt like we were going backwards into separation anxiety that we’d conquered in kindergarden. So being with her dad was helpful. He’s a little more firm and a little less weak at the sight of her crying. She’s a smart girl, she figured it out. We’re looking into therapy too to see if maybe talking to someone besides me and her dad can help. It’s so hard to know what to do sometimes. But she does seem better and I’m so relieved. She’s brave and so proud of herself when she gets through a day. I love seeing her smiling when I pick her up.

3. Curry for dinner!

Bug is the pickiest of picky eaters. She doesn’t like butter or cheese or sauce except sometimes when you least expect it.  She’ll take a liking to something rare and special like super sharp cheddar or havarti of all things.  But it’s a small window of favor and as soon as you stock up on the new food she will quickly dislike it. She doesn’t like anything with garlic or anything too sweet like barbeque sauce. And then she takes on other people’s opinions about food too. She’s got all her dad’s idiosyncrasies about germs and restaurants and food that other people prepare… it’s just a real challenge to feed this girl. She’s not keen on Ranch dressing or even pizza. All the go-to foods that you can google for picky eaters, she does not like. In fact, I don’t even know what she does like. It’s the holy grail for me to cook something that she actually eats with gusto.

So you can imagine my glee when she requested curry for dinner last night. I almost did a cartwheel. She never requests anything (well besides Ramen noodles and Easy Mac which both have the nutritional value of a potato chip). Plus, I LOVE curry too. Yum!

china-cove 4. Mother Daughter Adventures

We still make time for little outings. Both of us love it so much. I never remember to take my camera with me anymore (also my kit lens is crapping out on me which is a huge drag) but I love getting good instagram shots. We hit the beach the other day after I picked her up from her dad’s. It’s hard sometimes that we don’t live there anymore but that doesn’t mean we can’t visit and walk around like the locals we used to be.

5. Gray

Do you see my gray hair? I am seriously going gray this year. It’s a turning point.


6. Glendora

Bug’s good friend (and her mom who is my good friend too) moved to Glendora so we’ve visited them a few times. They have this park there called Big Tree Park and they’re not messing around with that name. This tree is HUGE. It was fun to sit around and talk with old friends while the kids scrambled and climbed the roots that are as big as dinosaur feet.


7. Long Walks

I’ve been trying to incorporate small changes in my activity level.  I can’t seem to work in time at the gym anymore (too expensive and the windows I can go are better used for work) but I can work out in our little mini gym in our apartment complex and take walks with Bug or whomever will go with me.  Bug loves to work out in the small gym. She loves working out in general for that matter, little shredder that she is. She likes to ride up and down the treadmill and show off how many more push-ups she can do than me. She is in such great shape.

Yesterday we took a long walk up a hill by our house. We were probably gone two hours and it got blustery and cold on us. That happens a lot. We go out and start exploring and we don’t turn around to go home early enough. Before we know it we are racing the sun and wishing we had worn heavier sweaters. But all was well and I got a lot of good instagram photos.

That’s all I got!

News from the Trenches

I’m feeling a little bit overwhelmed over here but what else is new, right? You know how when you move into a new place, you manage to keep it perfectly clean and orderly for about a year and a half. Maybe it’s a month and a half for you, but you know what I mean. You have some sense of control over your environment because you just moved into a new place and you unpacked everything to go exactly where it’s supposed to go?

And then after that honeymoon of everything being so fresh and new, you start to let go of control a little. The carpet isn’t always vacuumed everyday and your daughter tracks in bits of grass and the laundry isn’t quite folded the exact same day you washed it and the tracks in your shower door are starting to get moldy and gross and the grout in your kitchen tile is starting to collect coffee grinds…bla bla bla…?


Maybe it’s just me. I’m having one of those everything-is-gross-and-I’m-really-super-hyper-aware-of-it moments. Like I drank too much coffee and I need to pick at everything kinda feeling. I hate that. Life can be a little too vivid sometimes. I need to dial my awareness back a notch or drink two glasses of wine instead of the usual one.

Anyway, I just wanted to check in and say hi before I have to slap up another sponsored post. You guys are going to start thinking I only blog for money these days. Sad. Pathetic. What happened to my life where I blogged every little fart that passed?

So what else is new?

I dabbled in a little online dating this week. Of the free variety. What a crock!!! Oh my goodness. You know, there are a lot of creeps out there. I started chatting with three guys and all three of them turned out to be scam artists. In fact they may have all been the same scam artist using three different profiles. Thankfully, I caught on before I gave them my social security number and credit cards. Sheesh! Maybe the magazine-quality bio photos should have been a red flag? Hmmm….. I may be lonely but I’m not that lonely. I have met two real people who seem to be interesting. It’s kind of scary and fun at the same time. I’m not sure how I feel about it.

I just hope they are as old and hopeless as I am. Or that they aren’t as old and hopeless as I am. It’s scary meeting people that you don’t know. You advertise your best self and then they are disappointed when you show up with a few extra pounds and a double chin or you under-advertise and you end up meeting whackos who are so insecure you have three online fights with them over whether or not you are really interested enough to meet in public. Maybe meeting someone at a bar is not so bad after all. I’m starting to think I do need to be drunk to date again.

But don’t worry. I’m fine. It was just something fun one day when I was bored and Bug was away on vacation with her dad. I am not becoming one of those moms who goes out every night. I probably am not going to meet anyone until I’m 60. We’ll have a hot shuffleboard date.

Secondly. I’m a little bent out of shape with amazon.com lately. Have you noticed my book is out of stock every single day? I thought it was because it was so popular it was flying off the shelves. No. That is not the case at all. I sold about 37 books. Seriously.

They are just not printing them. Some kind of distribution battle between the actual printer and amazon. I’m just over it. If you want to buy my books, I say click over to Barnes and Noble. They don’t seem to have a problem keeping them on the virtual shelves.

In other book news, I will be reading at the Mesa Verde Library in Costa Mesa this Thursday the 12th at 7pm. I plan to do a little craft too and I don’t have anyone lined up to read the French parts for me so that might be a little piece of entertainment for you locals. Come listen to me make a fool of myself!

What’s new with you, pussycats?