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48 Sucks

I was having such a tough time of it, I didn’t blog about turning 48. It’s a doozy turning this age. I think really, it’s more that it’s not so fun having a birthday in 2020 and probably everyone is going to have to do it. Some of us do it more gracefully than others and I have to hang my head in shame because I didn’t do it so gracefully at all. I was sad.

hairy big deal

Thankfully, I am shacked up with the most lovely human ever and he baked me a cake. A pink lemonade cake that I described in detail and he pulled it off perfectly. Of course that was the day I also decided to get off Facebook where I should have been bragging about him. I hate to brag obnoxiously though. But I do want to give him a shout out because baking a cake for a sad girlfriend on a really hot summer day is an act of heroism. Thank you, Mr. Hero.


  • Jan S

    I totally get this. It’s hard to pep-talk oneself out of a funk, especially one revolving around a birthday. Why even bother to try during a pandemic. This year has been tough on us planner types. Big sigh. Big hugs to you.

  • Jenjen

    Delurking. (Is that still a thing?) I’ve been reading since Bug was a baby; I don’t think I’ve ever commented before but just wanted to jump on to say a few things. First, happy birthday! I’m sorry it was sad. I get it, though; mine’s later this month and I’m not excited. Second, I enjoy reading your blog and continue to check on you here from time to time. You’ve always seemed very real and genuine; I appreciate your candor and admire your spirit. Third, I offer you my best wishes for health as you climb out of the pit you’re in. I’ve been there too. I wish you peace! Hugs from a stranger.

    • SAJ

      Thank you! Hugs back from one lurker to another. I never want to comment unless I have something really interesting to say, which I hardly ever do on those blogs that have tons of comments. But I love lurkers. I like spewing off into the nether and not worrying too hard about bad energy.

  • Lynne

    Since my birthday, I’ve been in a funk too. All sorts of emotional angst and life regrets. Still going through it. One foot in front of the other. Thinking of you and sending love. xx

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