Mermaid Shoot with Neil


In the spirit of doing crazy photoshoots for fun, I did a thing with my friend, Neil, from New York the other day. You might know him from Citizen of the Month or Neilochka on Instagram. He’s an amazing artist who shoots street photography and really interesting portraits of friends. I was super excited to be on his list.


When he proposed sitting on a chair in the ocean of course I said yes. What could be more perfect for me? I love the ocean! It’s been a huge part of my life living here by the beach. But I’m not your average beach-going bikini-wearing girl. Nah. I’m more like a business woman wearing a red dress, sitting on a bar stool while the rush of waves washes around me in foggy grays and greens. It could be a metaphor for so many things. Of course we didn’t really flesh out what it could mean. It’s left up for interpretation of course.


First we met for coffee to catch up and hash out our ideas.  I tried to shoot some photos of Neil with some bags for my Love Your Baggage client. (I’m shooting everyone with these bags if you are interested. Gotta get the word out about how great jute bags are!) And then we headed off to the beach, bar stool in tow.


We set the barstool as far out into the waves as we could go without getting wet and then I sat. It was a bit exciting as the pointy legs of the stool sunk into the wet sand unevenly and the waves washed all around me. I tilted this way and that, leaning forward and backward to keep my balance and desperately trying to suck in my belly fat at the same time.


It was exhilarating! I love the waves. Sand and sea don’t bother me. I didn’t care if I got wet. I expected it.


This is my favorite shot by far.


This one seemed way cooler in my head.


Poor Neil though. He got soaked. As is typical for a photographer, he sacrificed his shoes trying to get the shot. He was squatting down to get just the right angle and a big wave came up and soaked him. Thankfully this time of year the water is pretty nice. But sadly he had to walk around the rest of the day wet and sandy.


Then since he was already wet I made him switch places with me so I could get a shot too.


I think this would be a great avatar for him, don’t you?

9 Comments Mermaid Shoot with Neil

  1. Kindra

    I have read you for years and I think you often underestimate how awesome you are!!! I think those photos are so wonderful and you look amazing and fierce ??

      1. SAJ

        It happens to me too. I don’t know why. Maybe you were typing on your phone? Who knows. But I speak ?? so no worries! :)

  2. BeachMama

    I love this!! My faves are of you crouching on the chair and standing on it!! They have just a tad bit more of your character peeking through :)

  3. Gingermog

    In these photos, I see you as poised woman, enduring against the swell of the tide an exotic song bird among the greys skies.

    I see Bug in you, or is you in Bug, within the your expression of you posed on the chair.

    I admire you & I’m glad you have friends who encourage you to do photo shoots like this one. It’s also great to be reacquainted with “citizen of the month”.



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