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Lost in Transition

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You may have heard I’m in the process of seeking new hosting for this website. I’ve capped out my limit for uploading images (Forty gigs is the limit, dude.) and I’ve come to a cross roads. Like everyone who’s been taking up space on the internet for a really long time, I’ve lost my first (and second and maybe third) love for it. Of course I wonder if it’s time to pull the plug? Do I even have anything to say anymore? Do I have time to say it? It seems like a silly hobby these days, especially if it costs hundreds of dollars to keep it going.

A lot of friends have reached out to tell me not to give it up. (I have a huge archive that apparently is like google currency.) So I’m probably not going to just shut it down but I’m trying to find away to keep it going affordably.  Or maybe I will pay for a dedicated server.  Maybe it’s like a yoga studio membership and if I fork out the bucks for it I’ll take it more seriously and actually show up regularly and maybe it will pay for itself like it used to back in the day. I don’t know.

I’m thinking a lot about my message here. Why am I here still?  What do I still have to say?  I do love writing still and maybe focusing more on writing and less on images might get me here more regularly. I don’t know.  You know how I love images…Maybe I can go back to hosting my pictures on flickr. (Stupid flickr. Why do they have to make it so difficult these days?)

Anyway, if you know of a good hosting site leave your two cents. I’ve got a list and I’m doing my research. I’ll keep you posted on the big jump.



  • Jillian

    Oh! I’ll ask my IT geek husband. He used to do his mom’s site for her real estate business until she passed away. He’ll definitely have some insight. I’ll report back with what I find.

    But please keep blogging. Instagram is great and I do love it but there’s something about reading a long blog post that makes you feel connected. Instagram can be superficial but a blog is definitely more insightful.

  • Sarah

    Hosting Matters has an unmetered package that might suit you. Two sites I’m involved with use that and potter along using as much space as they like because basically they’re not horrifically popular, just well-visited at most.

  • BeachMama

    I miss the good old days of cozying up to a blog in the evenings with a glass of wine, heck I miss writing every day!!! I hope you find a great solution, I’m surprised you have gone this long without a dedicated server actually. I used to share from Flickr, then they started putting a Flickr logo on it and I started uploading to my site. After 11 years I have lots of room to fill it up, so I have the time ?

  • isaida

    I would miss you if you stopped blogging. You are one of the first bloggers I started reading and I went all the way to your first post and read until your most recent post at the time. That was back when Bug was so little. We’ve shared many, many years :) Don’t go!

  • a chris

    What a pain! How can 40 gigs be the limit for a blog?! I have SD cards almost that big!

    Don’t stop blogging. Blogs are the last bastion against “platforms” owning everything on the web! Besides, your blog is great. You’ll be happy you kept writing things, I think. Although I don’t know what the best route forward is hosting-wise.

  • Heather

    I’d miss you if you stopped, but I’d follow you on another platform like Instagram or Facebook. Good luck and best wishes in your decision.

  • Francelladell

    I’ve been reading you before Bug was born and I think you were going to Paris. There’s something comforting about checking in with you. You don’t need to be profound – just talking about your day feels very “in the moment”.

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