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Beach Wedding!


I shot the prettiest wedding the other day. It was quick and simple and probably lasted no longer than 20 minutes. They said their vows at the top of the bluff overlooking the ocean, popped some champagne and then we walked down to the beach for photos.


Of course it helps that everyone in the wedding party was drop-dead gorgeous. I should have been paying them for modeling instead of them paying me. But I’m not going to complain!

How cute is that little flower girl giving me the evil eye? She did not like me and even though I tried to coax a smile out of her she was convinced that I was not supposed to be there. I don’t blame her. She’s little and her mom had a camera too so she probably wondered why this strange woman was there taking pictures too. Plus, I didn’t speak Lithuanian like they did.


If you want to get married on the beach, this is the way to do it. I don’t even think they had a permit to use the space but it happened so quickly it didn’t matter. Everyone we passed said congratulations and smiled. The happiness was contagious.beach-wedding-6

Even the lifeguard got in on the fun.

I know very little about the bride and groom. Are they ballerinas? Famous soccer players? Models? I don’t know but they sure do know how to pose. They were a hoot.


The Hari Krishna masks were some inside joke with the officiant who I think might be famous. Do you recognize him? I don’t know who he is but some friends of mine say he’s an actor.


And that was that! I always thought weddings would be too stressful to shoot but this kind of wedding is just my speed. Quick, casual and so so fun!


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