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    Fiesta and a Little House Tour


    Here’s the secret to unpacking your house quickly: plan a housewarming party with a set date. Nothing like knowing a bunch of friends and family are going to come through for a tour to motivate you to unpack and clean and purge. It was a challenge, man. The weather, the combining of two households, the weather…the problem of too much stuff. Did I say the weather? Why did I choose to move during the dog’s breath days of summer? I do not know!

    But we did it! We even fixed up a lot of things nicer than they were before I moved in. I love our house now. I was so worried that I wouldn’t fit in. That our two styles of decorating would clash but that is not the case. I love our combined style. It’s different, a little eclectic and silly but then so are we.


    The party was nice. We almost didn’t pull it off. We were so busy fixing up the house that we left grocery shopping and food preparation to the last minute. Like down to the last half hour last minute! We pulled up into the driveway with the car full of groceries and Payam’s mom was already there. But then that’s kind of normal for family, right? They’re allowed to see the underbelly of food prep—the chopping and various plastic grocery bags strewn all over the counters.


    A fiesta theme is my all time easy, go-to theme. I may or may not have used these peccadillo garlands more than once. For once it pays to be a hoarder saver! Tacos are super easy and so is a tequila bar.  (Between you and me I am never going to choose bottled juices over fresh squeezed again. Fresh squeezed grapefruit juice for a Paloma is SO MUCH BETTER!)

    And now to the house tour:


    I don’t have pictures of every room in the house. I’ll get to that someday maybe. But what I am most excited to share is this giant print of my friend Deb’s work. It’s not an actual painting but actually a Mettaprint on cardboard. I’m super privileged to get one of these because Deb’s work is very sought after and limited (of course). I printed it as big as I could. Mettaprints maximum size is four feet by eight feet so this print worked out to be four feet by five feet. That seems huge but Payam’s walls are so big it almost doesn’t quite seem big enough! Crazy, no?!!

    I think at some point I’ll add something contemporary to the sides of it. Hanging light bulbs or air plants? Muted watercolor prints? I don’t know. I’m just super happy that Payam is cool with my kind of art.


    And the kid’s rooms you ask? They turned out pretty awesome. Bug loves her mosquito net thingy that I’m not allowed to call a mosquito net thingy.  She says it’s some kind of princess protection net or something. It keeps the good dreams in and the bad dreams out. I just smile and nod and hope she doesn’t roll over in the night and rip the hook out of the ceiling with a giant piece of sheetrock.


    Joon is super stoked on her room. She’s a One Direction fan as you can see, much to both me and Payam’s chagrin. But she makes up for it by choosing that awesome paint color. It turns out I do get to have a turquoise wall and Joon picked it all by herself! Here I was moping about losing my turquoise wall. Silly me.


    The pets on the other hand are not doing so well. Ty (the dog) is fine. He loves me. The cats are plotting mutiny. I’ll catch you up on that in my next post but let me just say this: I’m considering letting Aqui become coyote bait with the way she’s keeping us up all night with her blood-curdling, hunt-Lucy-to-the-death battles. Of course that won’t happen but we are not too happy with their co-mingling skills. Send all your best cat advice.


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    Macromé and Cats Pooping Rainbows Art



    As you know I’ve recently moved and I’ve been all sorts of busy with unpacking and making my new home perfect. This is my happy place and I can put in incredible amounts of work in when it comes to pretending to be a stylist. We’ve been hanging pictures, making shelving units from scratch and cleaning everything from top to bottom. We have a housewarming party scheduled for this weekend and there’s nothing like a time crunch to make it all happen even manically.

    I had a crazy cool project in my head. I wanted to create something like this cool all-white sea shell sculpture except I didn’t want to become a ceramist in order to pull it off. ($200 is a out of my budget.) I knew oven-baked clay was a little out of my skill set and play dough would never work so I thought I’d just spray paint the real thing white and it would look awesome! Heh.

    Then I took a trip to the shell shop and learned that sea shells are not really collectible any more. You can buy them but it’s not really ethical since so many of them are endangered. You can’t collect shells at our beaches anymore without the park rangers scolding you. It’s such a drag because I remember collecting shells as such a favorite part of my summer as a kid. Maybe someday the weather will change and our beaches will be covered with them again but for now they are on the rare and protected side.

    So I only went home with two bags of shells instead of the 20 I needed. I really wanted to make a big piece that would make a big impact on Bug’s wall.

    I laid out my wood and started arranging my shells. I had a pretty good stash of old shells in my craft cabinet from other projects but sadly, I just didn’t have enough. Boo.

    Time for plan B.


    Macrome! I remember macrame from when I was a kid. My mom had pot holders made out of rope and wooden beads. I can picture them vividly with her tupperware planters with the little water window in the bottom so you could tell if your plant needed water. Remember those? The only one I can find on the net is this one but my mom’s were rust colored and round.

    I googled some macrame tutorials and decided to make a simple wall hanging. It’s easier than I thought. As I was tying knots I was thinking I could keep going and make a whole hammock this way. But then I got tired of making knots. So I pushed some beads on there. Tied a few more knots and glued on some shells. Hot glue is great. Especially when you use your handy dandy Tokyo Pen Shop pen to push the rope down into the glue instead of your finger. Not to worry, no pens were harmed in this making. The hot glue peeled right off the pen, good as new.

    Then I hung it up in Bug’s room. It didn’t quite make the impact I wanted but she likes it.


    It’s just as well I didn’t end up making a big art piece because she wanted to hang a bunch of her own art including her masterpiece “Cat Pooping Rainbows.” I love that picture. I love it so much I scanned it and put it in my Etsy shop in case anyone else wants to buy it too.

    selling-rainbow-pooping-catIf anyone desires such lovely art for their home I will have it printed on cardstock and have it signed and numbered by Bug herself. I figure she can pay for her Shopkins this way.

    Coming next: Corners of my house! I’ve been taking all kinds of pictures and I can’t wait to share.