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Lubna, high fashion model


I knew the day I met Lubna that I wanted to photograph her. She wants to be a model so it’s a pretty good friendship we’ve struck upon. Of course we both are pretty rooted in real life and we’re very far from high-fashion photography but we like to pretend we know what we’re doing. It’s sort of like playing dress up.


Isn’t that what fashion photography is anyway?


I do hope she gets a real modeling contract someday. I know she could do it. I think the fact that she is muslim and needs to be modest could make her even more interesting. In the meantime, I’m happy to let her be my muse.



  • Cathy

    I totally see it. And I also hope she gets a contract one day (and not in the you have to be 5’8 but 100lbs minimum kind of way!)

  • pinky

    I wonder if she could contact popular clothing sites for/from Mormons (Shabby Apple is one) to find out where their models come from. They are definitely modest by Western standards, although they may not be modest enough for her requirements.

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