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Flower Fields for old time’s sake


Cross your fingers. With yesterday’s post over-with I might have my blogging mojo back. I feel so much better just being open about things. Phew! Thank you so much for all of your support. If I haven’t responded personally to your emails or comments please know that I want to and plan to. Everyone has been so kind. And yet I know that not “everything that seemeth right unto a man*” is…but it does help to know I’m being honest at least. Thank you.

Let’s play catch up!

Last month we made it to the flower fields! It’s my favorite place in spring. Yes, the flowers are exactly the same as they are every year but every year I fall in love with ranunculus all over again. They are my favorite flower after all, right after peonies.

I really wanted to buy a bunch of orange ones and just suck their many petal-y goodness right up into my nose but we were on our way to Bethany’s for a get-together and in a bit of a rush. Also it took us so long to get there (traffic ugh!)  and find parking (Seriously, major pain-in-the-butt parking issues. Just cut your losses and park in the back side lot and walk. It’s way safer and faster than playing car dodgeball.) that by the time we got there everyone was hungry enough to eat their own arm and grumpy.


So we made it a quick, down-and-dirty, photo-op trip.


Because it is! Best photo backdrop ever.

P.S. Did you know Bethany is moving to Japan in June? It’s crazy. Part of me is super excited to travel vicariously through her (you better blog it B.) and the other part of me is a little scared to have my good friend on the other side of the earth. (Everyone is leaving me!!!) If you want to travel vicariously through Bethany too, head on over to her blog and tell her. Maybe if we get enough people pestering her she’ll bring her blog back from the dead. Not that I can preach but it’s worth a shot.

* yes, verses like this haunt me.



  • Susan:)

    Yes, Bethany! Please blog again! And oh wow, Japan! I’ve really missed reading you and I *still* want to meet all of you! Come to mission beach!

    Ah, the lovely flower fields. I’ve only been once since I’ve lived here. I keep meaning to return but haven’t done it yet.

  • BeachMama

    One day I will get to your flower fields! It always looks so beautiful from your posts. I do hope that Bethany can keep us updated from Japan, seeing Japan from the Actually perspective would be pretty cool.

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