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    Just thought I’d drop a little update here.  Bug’s anxiety has ebbed and flowed. We’ve started a reward system. When she can get through a day without going to the office with an anxiety-related stomach ache she gets to go out for Pinkberry after school. No, this is not sponsored.  I wish it was.

    We love Pinkberry. The yogurt is not too sweet and it’s a super cool air-conditioned place to sit and chill while we listen to groovy dance music. Sometimes we take friends from school. Some weeks we go almost every day and that gets expensive. Other weeks we barely make it once so it evens out. But I’d gladly pay ten times over if I could just cure her anxiety. It’s so hard watching her go through this. I’m coming to the conclusion that there is no magic answer. It’s just going to take time and constant reassurance. My heart goes out to all of you who suffer from this. It’s so hard for me to understand but every day I see how very real it is. It’s not something you can just shake with a positive attitude. I really appreciate your prayers and kind emails. It helps. Thank you.

    In business news:


    I had an interview with The Bright Agency a while back. I got all dressed up and went to this schmoozy downtown Hollywood private club and of all things I got to meet with the founder of the company! I didn’t expect it at all and of course was a ball of nerves. Heels and heavy wool dresses and I don’t always do so well under pressure but I’m happy to say that in spite of myself they accepted me and I have a real agent!!! Wooo! Hooo!


    I don’t know exactly what this means, to be represented by an agency, but I do know I’m in good company. I can barely believe I’m in the same list as some of these amazing illustrators. They blow me away. I have a long way to go though and the agency is challenging me to push my work further.  Anyone want to give me waccom tablet lessons? I’m still drawing with my mouse and I think it’s holding me back. They want to see more depth and detail…so that’s where I’m going. It’s very exciting and scary!


    In sad news: Bethany and her family are officially gone from Southern California on their way to Japan via Omaha, Nebraska for a quick visit. We went to a little beach party for Annalie last week. It was so sweet. Bug and Annalie had a little ceremony of sorts. Sand sisters with handprints in the sand or something like that. I wasn’t invited but I witnessed it from the sidelines. I’m so thankful for the internet because I know even though they will be on the other side of the world we will stay friends forever.

    All for now! I have to rush off to school pick up. :)  I think Bug is perking on another fashion post so stay tuned for that!