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I’m really super excited to announce that a good internet buddy of mine, Erika B, has an illustrated children’s book out called Queen Quail is Quiet: and other ABC Tongue Twisters. We’ve both been illustrating for years and sort of watched each other grow. I love her style. We are similar in some ways and yet so different. When she told me she was interested in writing a book I hooked her up Calee who published my book. And now Erica’s beginning her first public relations tour like I did mine a year ago. I thought it would be fun to let her do a little guest post here. AND guess what?!! She even made a little video about her process which makes me think I need to make one too. Well, one of these days. No promises on how soon that will happen.

p.s. If you do buy her book, (paperback version here) leave a review! Reviews are always needed! Thanks!

So without further ado, I introduce Erika Barriga and here is her post: Enjoy!

What were you waiting for? I keep wanting to reach back in time and shake my twenty-something self around. Talk to her in a stern and serious voice, calm and collected, about how she needs to just find what she loves and pursue it. I’m not sure what took me so long, maybe it was the thought that I had “all the time in the world” to do things. Whatever the case, for me, having my baby girl jump-started my system. After having her, I felt/feel like I can do anything. So I have grabbed that feeling by it’s wings and I don’t want to let go.


My first book, Queen Quail is Quiet, was just published mid-May and it is a labor of love. I wanted to grow in storytelling so I decided to tackle the alphabet letter by letter. This book illustrates every letter using every sound of each letter. A fun way to learn how to read and the sentences result in silly tongue twisters for older kids. I created the art digitally and I have wanted to make a video showing how I illustrate for a long time.

I felt that fear again when it came time to actually change the viewing option to “public” on YouTube. But I thought about being fearless and it pushed me to just push the button. Stop not sharing. Don’t be afraid to do what you want, just keep pushing toward your goal. It’s uncomfortable but worth it.

So I have a video for you (with my voice! eek) I hope you enjoy it and read my book. It’s great for all ages. ;)

Until I figure out how to embed the video click HERE.


4 Comments Queen Quail is Quiet

  1. erika

    I have learned so much from you and I’m proud to be your Internet buddy. One day we’ll meet up and go to the beach! You’re the best. Thank you, thank you.

  2. lynne

    Always lovely to read about people achieving their dreams and of friends helping them to do so.I hope your book is really successful :)

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