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Craft Cabinet : Spring 2013


I’m sorry, I meant to post these photos ages ago but as you know my week ran away from me. I keep trying to rearrange my hours in the day to find that sweet spot where I can sit and write a little post every day but it just hasn’t worked out yet. Same with my work out at the gym. I’m not giving up yet though. There must be a way to rearrange the puzzle so every piece fits!


As you can see the Craft Cabinet was really really fun. I was so nervous about it but then the new job came up and I was so nervous about that, and the interview, that I didn’t really have time to go into full stress-out mode. Before I knew it I was standing in a room full of women waiting for me to teach them how to paint with water colors. I had no where to run, no where to hide. So I just cleared my throat and jumped in. And having Deb there as a “professional” was awesome. She’s always got my back.


My biggest fear was that my squeaky mouse voice wouldn’t be loud enough and that I would get the shakes. That happened to me once in a high school play. The year before I’d somehow by crazy luck landed the lead in small one act play and had no trouble at all. Then since that went so well I tried out for a bigger play the following year. Except I didn’t get any of the parts I tried out for and got stuck with a charity two-line bit part. I had to wait for the whole play to go by just to say my two stupid lines and when I did, my voice shook and it was horrible. AND the boy I had a crush on was sitting in the second row watching the whole thing. High school, man. It’s brutal.


So you can imagine my relief when most of the women laughed at my jokes and actually seemed to learn something from my wung-by-the-seat-of-my-pants instruction. I figured they were just being polite but lots of people thanked me afterwards and everyone seemed really happy. So I’m chalking it up as a success. The wine and the super fun photo booth had nothing to do with it.

p.s. Thank you to Andrea’s husband for two-thirds of these photos