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    New Job. New Life. New Crazy.


    You guys. I think I’m losing my mind. I know it’s way too soon to complain about anything but I started my new job this week and I’m keeping all of my old freelance jobs going too. I think I just signed up for 60 days of crazy. Eeeeeeeeeek! But I have to do it.

    I had been praying for something steady and dependable work-wise and this job just happened to fall in my lap. It’s a perfect job. It’s super part time and I’m designing high-end invitations, which is kind of what I do anyway. They have a showroom. I’ll actually get dressed up and go to work three days a week. I’m kind of excited about that part. And they do everything paperless with a super cool online interface. Which means HIGH LEARNING CURVE and I’m skeeered!

    But I know I can do it. I have to do it. Well, at least for sixty days. Then I’ll reevaluate. So pray for me that I can juggle all these oranges in the air and I don’t drop them!


    Also: Lacey, watch your inbox. I need your address so I can mail you your postcard! :)

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