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    Round-up at the Kelp Rodeo

    kelp wrangler

    No, I didn’t actually wrangle any dolphins with my kelp lasso. That would be cool though, wouldn’t it? I was actually just at the beach with Jennui, (a blogger friend from way back). She is visiting from Canada and when she and her husband made some squeamish faces to each other when I stepped on a few kelp pods I couldn’t resist. What’s gross about stepping on kelp? It’s not gross! It’s cool. It pops like bubble wrap and it’s fun to play with.

    not my first kelp rodeo

    Kelp is amazing. You can play jump rope with it and swing it around your head like an idiot. I love kelp. It doesn’t seem smelly or slimey to me. It smells and feels like the ocean, like a fresh wave of ocean water. Don’t even roll your eyes at me. They sell hair products with less alluring descriptions.


    Anyway, I also wanted to use these images as sort of a “round-up” of what is going on with me these days. I really need to get back to blogging every day because now I feel incredibly behind and if I post anything it’s going to take paragraphs and paragraphs of explaining because there’s so much back story! And I have no time for backstorying!

    tug tug tug

    So whatever. Onwards and upwards.

    The biggest news these days is that I’m teaching a water color class for Craft Cabinet on April 12th. I’m terrified. I’m not a teacher. There is a reason I don’t homeschool. But teaching is what I’m going to be doing and to make matters worse they’ve written me a grand-sounding introduction that intimidates even me. I am not an expert at water-coloring!



    My plan is to rely heavily on my “perfection is not important” mantra and really show the class how to make some water color messes. Then we’ll let it dry (while I push glasses of wine on any critics) and add some pen and ink on top. We’ll pretty-it-up and call it art. I hope I can do it. I’d say rush over and buy some tickets so that you can cheer me on or make fun of me but I’ve heard they are nearly sold out. Can you believe it?!! So much for my plan to pack the house with my friends. So pray for me! Pray that I am the best water color teacher ever and that I can manage to keep the shakiness out of my voice.

    Other news!

    messy girls

    Last week Bug and I went to Bethany’s. We had a “Messy Art Day” sponsored by The Honest Company so I could write this post. It was such a blast. We played Twister with paint and then did face-painting. We tested out some crazy ideas for an art party that Annalie might be having for her ninth birthday party coming up next month. I can’t wait!!

    growly bear

    Then we did some crafts for theshiksa.com for Passover. One of the crafts won’t make it on the blog this year but it will probably show its face next year. So check out our painted sedar plate and finger puppets if you are celebrating passover…or you happpen to be a sunday school teacher/homeschooler/crafty parent and you are going over the ten plagues. (Though the Jewish translation says the 4th plague is wild animals. I did illustrate swarms of flies if anyone would prefer some puppets with that translation.)

    And that’s it, I think.

    I heart kelp

    Three cheers for kelp!