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    Floss Bombing

    floss bombery

    The other day we didn’t have any particular project we had to do and we hadn’t done a craft in a while so I dug out my extensive supply of embroidery floss and let the kids “floss bomb” some sticks from Bug’s massive collection on our patio.

    Bug has a thing about sticks. She always finds them on our long walks home from school and falls in love with them. They have personality and are usually named Sticky. Sticky often has brothers and sisters and cousins who have to come home with him too or else they will feel abandoned and cry rivers of tears. Poor poor Sticky and his poor poor family…etc etc…

    The first few sticks were cute but it’s become kind of a thing and now my patio looks like a giant bird is building it’s nest there. So I toss as many as I can when she is not looking and try to convince her to give the rest to the fairies. I’ve managed to whittle the collection down to about ten or so. It’s a constant work in progress: Me against the sticks. I have a feeling Bug is going to become a hoarder when she grows up because we constantly clash over what is clutter and what is not.

    Whatever though, right? It’s awesome that she has a thing for sticks and not Hello Kitty figurines. Wait. She does have a thing for Hello Kitty figurines. Never mind.

    Back to our sticks.

    rainbow wrapping

    Don’t the sticks look awesome covered in embroidery floss? They are so pretty and bright. I’m torn between admiring them and feeling like I’ve wasted valuable floss. It did keep the kids occupied for quite a while though and the end result was quite pretty.

    floss bombing

    sticking around

    But then what to do with them? If my house was minimalist and empty, these sticks could be quite the artistic statement sitting alone somewhere but among all my other bits and bobs they were kind of lost. So I let them sit around on the bookshelf for a day or two and then stashed them back into my craft box to be unwound someday for another project.