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Time Sucks


I love being such a visual person but I constantly find myself sucked into eye-candy worlds that are not my own and then I wander around like an absent-minded dreamer thinking of everything and anything that has nothing to do with what I’m supposed to be doing. I leave drawers open, I find my keys in the freezer, my six-year-old has to remind me to do the laundry and of course work doesn’t get done until I realize a bill is due in two days and my bank account is drier than the The Sahara. Are you hooked on things like this too?


  • kat

    yes me! they just had a story on this on NPR with the idea that now there’s ultimately too much to see on a computer and you get sucked in. :)

  • OMSH

    No. But…I do find myself aimlessly staring at deer in my backyard while drinking coffee. An hour will pass and I wonder what in the world I’m thinking – as if I don’t need to be working/schooling/washing/driving somewhere…

  • noelia

    I love Gossip Girl. We even joined Netflix streaming to catch up on all the seasons to start fresh last week. We spent 2 weeks watching the other seasons and we’re totally hooked :)

  • Karin

    Totally!! i’m a photographer and design freak and everywhere i look i see a picture, blending colors, graphic lines, etc. Hard to disconnect the visual eye.