• Beach Bits

    Sunday, at God’s Church


    It seems like I’m out of town every weekend. With family in another town and friends all over, we are usually gone on Sundays. When we are home, which is rare, we’ve started going to a local church. I think they must think I’m the flakiest member though because we are never there. This last Sunday we were home but I woke up with that cough that never goes away. You know the one. The pesky cough that doesn’t hurt or anything but just keeps on interrupting every peaceful moment ever. I hate that cough. I especially hate that cough in church.

    over the bridge

    I felt so bad for skipping church yet again. It feels like we never make time for God these days. Then it hit me. Back in the days when I didn’t know where to go on Sundays I used to go to the beach by myself and just sit on the sand and talk to God about it. I felt like He understood my confusion and He would comfort me there with his handiwork all around me. It could all be in my head but some of those quiet moments felt more spiritual and close to God than any service I’ve ever sat in inside a building listening to a preacher speak. I know it’s important to be with other Christians and have fellowship but sometimes when you can’t make it to that place, I think God understands and gives you a place to be instead.

    So I packed up Bug and a neighbor girl and we headed off to God’s church at the beach.

    we have the beach to ourselves

    It was such a gloomy day. We had the beach to ourselves. I love the beach this way.

    setting up camp

    making a bed

    We got bagels (and coffee for me) and set up camp with lots of blankets and towels.

    salt bagel

    off they go

    Of course the kids had to get a little wet.

    off to sea

    And I sat back and admired the beauty of it all.


    It wasn’t the prettiest of days. In fact, everybody else would have called it a terrible beach day. But it was beautiful. The sky was amazing. The sky is always amazing. Like God’s painting.



    We read some verses off my phone. Bug sung us a hymn. I prayed a wimpy little prayer. It was short and feeble but that was okay because God made up our lack with the amazing sky. Sometimes words are just not necessary. You’d expect kids to be squirrely at the beach but they were strangely peaceful and more reverent than usual. All three of us sat back and looked up at this beautiful gift from God. It’s there every day and we hardly ever take a moment to appreciate it.

    touch the sky

    soaking up the sky

    God's painting


    Then church was over and off they ran.




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