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    Hootastic Cupcake Toppers!

    So who’s with me? Who’s gonna throw a Little Hoo party on Halloween? Are you getting in the mood? I am.

    You might be now that I’m going to give you some free Hootastic cupcake toppers! Hoot Hoot!


    Just print,


    punch (or cut out with scissors if you don’t happen to have a handy puncher thingy like I do) and attach toothpicks to the back with a little piece of tape.

    Then pop them into the top of your super delicious cupcakes!

    just so

    Ta-dah! Instant Hoo Party time!


    Whooooooo’s there? Hoo and all his friends of course!

    willing models

    It’s funny how willing kids are to pose when there is chocolate involved.

    Boo! Boo! Boo! Boo!

    Now go be a real hoot and buy my book! Just kidding. No pressure from me. Just a friendly hooty reminder if you might have been thinking of it already. It’s actually selling pretty well which is AWESOME especially since I got some bad news from my editor yesterday. Secret Agent Josephine in Paris might not make it out in time for Christmas. I know, I’m sad too. But it will probably be better for it. Back to the drawing board for me.