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The other day Bug said to me, “I wish there was a day between Sunday and Monday. A Smunday.” I couldn’t agree more. Right now I’m wishing there was a day between today and tomorrow, maybe a whole week. I have so many Halloween posts but they aren’t going to make it to this blog I’m afraid. Unless I’m super industrious today, which is possible but probably not wise considering I need to work today too. How does time go so fast? I need a Smunday!

We’re having a Halloween party at my house tomorrow, a Little Hoo themed party. You might be playing along with my Little Hoo Halloween book or you just plain love owls. A lot of people do. Who knew?!! They are awfully cute.

I thought it would be fun to make some Little Hoo gift bags. (I know, I know…as if kids need more candy at Halloween but you could put something else in them like a mini toothbrush and toothpaste or a popcorn ball or crayons and a coloring sheet—I need to make one of those!) They’re pretty easy to assemble. All you need are some lunch bags, some nice paper and a printer that isn’t running out of ink.

Print, cut, fill. Pretty simple stuff. The hard part is not sampling the Reeses. Evil peanut-butter wonderfulness!

Oh! I almost forgot a step! Little Hoo has a feather stitch design on his tummy but feel free to decorate with your own regular swoopty design. You’ll also want to trim the lunch bags down by half unless you want super tall owl bodies. That might be an interesting take.

Fold the bags over and then staple Little Hoo’s head and wings on both sides. The staples will hide in the dark color of the wings.

Now you’re ready to Gifty-Hoo!