Dance over the Dog


  • Lauren

    1. She is so adorable
    2. Makes you really see how kids stay so skinny… I’m tired just watching her :)

  • a chris

    Wow, Bug’s look and poise really are evolving. I like the (real, I’d say) panting from exertion at the end, and the little smile at the camera. Exactly like a figure skater after a demanding but successful routine. But still with the unironic exuberant incorporation of the dog into the choreography.

    I’ve mentioned it before, but once in a while you show something of Bug that helps me extrapolate from my girls as they are to something they will be in an amazingly short (and infinite) time from now. It’s neat.

  • TexasLea

    Too stinkin’ cute! I think Holly should tag along to dance class, she obviously inspires splendid leaps from little ballerinas. Bug is sure growing like crazy these days. She’s always been a cutie, but she is looking more and more like her Mama! Pretty girls! :)

  • gingermog

    Hi , This video clip has put the biggest smile on my face :D Is that really a dog or a rug? My goodness he’s great. Just the kind of laid back dog you need as a friend xx